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Kiko is a motivated, hard-working father of three boys who is constantly inspired by his family and the incredible people in his life.  Kiko grew up as a competitive swimmer, but left the sport in college.  His career and family were his priorities post-college, but once he turned 30 he decided it was time to make some changes - time to get in shape and lose weight!  He started to run and get involved with triathlon, discovering a love of cycling.  However, it was the thrilling gladiator movie, "300" that led Kiko to high intensity workouts like Gym Jones, Seal Fit and eventually, CrossFit.  Kiko drank the CrossFit kool-aid in 2007 as a means to get stronger, fitter, faster and through hard work and the motivation of the CrossFit athletes around him, he continued to improve.  Kiko earned his Level 1 certification in 2008 at the Chicago Police Academy with many of Chicago's finest, an experience he still treasures.  You will discover that it's not just Kiko's personality and energy (as well as some wicked dance moves) that make him a fabulous coach, it's his investment in each athlete.  "I take pride in getting our athletes to their goals to be bigger, better, faster and stronger than even the coaches.  My job is about YOU, not ME and my capabilities."    

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