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  • New Year, New Beginnings!

    Hey everyone! Hope you had a fun holiday with friends and family. It’s great to see you all back in the box after the holidays, mostly complaining about eating and drinking too much and being couch sloths. But it’s a New Year, and with that a refocus on your fitness goals. First off, thanks to Andi for her years of devotion to building CrossFit Lake Forest. We appreciate all that you have done here, and we wish you the best on your new endeavor! The coaches, Marty, and I will continue to provide you all with the best we can to achieve your fitness goals. Thanks to all of you that have already filled out your goals sheet that Candace sent out. IF you have not ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - January Athlete of the Month - Tom Condon

    January Athlete of the Month - Tom Condon

    Who are you?
    Husband of Khris and father of 19 year old triplets: Katie, Kyle, Tom What do you do when you are not here (job,
    school, etc)?
    Ski instructor for Vail Resorts - Wilmot :), Mentor for Lake Forest High School Incubator class, Real job: sell managed services for Ernst & Young's Consulting practice. Past athletic history?

    Xavier University Soccer Team: Division I, top 30 team.After college I was a soccer player for Schwaben AC for 20 years. Why CrossFit?? How did you find CrossFit Lake Forest?

    My son Kyle joined to get in shape for high school wrestling a few years before I joined.Then my wife, Khris joined a ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - December Athlete of the Month - Lisa Weber

    December Athlete of the Month - Lisa Weber

    Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job,school, etc)?
    I grew up in Lake Bluff and moved to northern California 12 years ago. My husband, our two daughters, and I recently moved back home to Lake Forest four months ago. I had been in real estate for 15 years prior and decided to stay home with our girls once we moved back. Outside of the gym, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, cooking, and eating. Past athletic history?
    I played sports throughout elementary and high school. I was a former Scout basketball and soccer player. Although I never continued any team sports beyond inter-murals here and there in college, I have always loved ....

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  • Meet our Newest Coach - Auste

    We are very excited to have Auste join our coaching staff! She's been a great addition to our athlete community and can't wait to see her shine from the other side. A note from Coach Auste: I am very excited to join CFLF coaching staff! I started Crossfit 7 years ago when my husband signed me up for a class before he deployed to Iraq. We lived in Japan at the time and Crossfit Asia became my second family. In a short couple months I attended Level 1 and started coaching. Soon I found myself in charge of the beginner boot camps and on-ramp programs, running regular classes, programming and a part of the gym’s competitive team. It was extremely difficult to leave all of that ....

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  • New Program - HIIT with Fronzie!

    HIIT with Fronzie is led by Fronzie Roemer, a National Academyof Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, with multiple certifications in TRX, Kettlebells, Spin, as well as youth and senior training. Fronzie's vision is to help people find a passion in achieving their fitness goals and create a community where others can inspire each other. She has led a variety of group fitness classes including the popular treadmill classes, her own HIIT bootcamps, TRX classes, Cycle classes, Circuit classes, among other classes. She is practiced in enhancing people's fitness experience in making large classes feel small in that special attention is given to everyone's form and ....

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  • Are you Recovering Smart?

    Hey Everyone, How you feeling? I hope you are finding the programming to be challenging and you are making GAINS in your workouts and benchmarks. Above all, I hope you are taking care of yourself and not overtraining! Remember, we are in this for the long haul. Be smart…. There are 3 major areas that can greatly influence our ability to recover and make gains: Exercise, Sleep, and Diet .
    When we look into these 3 areas, we can usually identify one of the 3 that is weak. (I don’t sleep much….). EXERCISE
    : You are all doing a great job at exercise…..A couple things to keep in mind: BE CONSISTENT!
    3 days on/1 day off. I know we all ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - November Athlete of The Month - Kelsey Grimmer

    November Athlete of The Month - Kelsey Grimmer

    A little about Kelsey:
    I live in Lake Bluff with my husband, Pete, and our three kids, Nate (11), Miri (3) and Theo (1). I work as a Physician Assistant in Lake Forest. My athletic history includes high school basketball, volleyball and fast pitch. I played a little college fast pitch and volleyball for fun after college. Why CrossFit & Cross Fit Lake Forest:
    A friend introduced me to CrossFit in 2013 and I've been coming ever since. I used to work out in Libertyville but I picked up a flyer for CFLF in early 2017. It's been a great fit for me because the coaches are extremely knowledgeable and able to give lots of one on one attention you can't get at some of the really ....

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  • Why our Community Rocks!

    Can you believe Oct 1st marked our one year anniversary at our new location? It is truly crazy how time flies, especially when you are surrounded with such an amazing community! Milestones are great times to celebrate and also reflect. Reflecting back on this year, it's hard not to think about what makes CrossFit Lake Forest special and that is truly the people. I know all of our athletes would agree but it's the community that truly keeps us going, not how many PR's we get or how much more "fit" we get. Yes, those are pretty important to us too, but it's not what keeps us showing up day after day, to the same place. It's the people! I've been a part of the CFLF Community now for 2 1/2 ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - October Athlete of the Month - Dan McGrath

    October Athlete of the Month - Dan McGrath

    Dan "The Danimal" McGrath

    Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job,
    school, etc)? Past athletic history.
    Dan McGrath, I've worked for the same medical device company for 17 years. Outside of CrossFit, I keep busy chasing my 2 kids around. Both (13 and 11 yrs old) are very active in sports. As part of my involvement, I'm the commissioner of the baseball/softball youth league, and a board member of my sons youth football league and coach. I played college football, and had a cup of coffee in the NFL and CFL. I've also spent 2 years doing Triathlons, including a 1/2 iron man, and also completed the Chicago Marathon. Why CrossFit?? How ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Why We Do Hard Stuff

    Why We Do Hard Stuff

    Most of you probably don’t know this, but the reason CrossFit Lake Forest exists is because of cancer. What a weird thing to say, right? Let me explain. Well, it all started almost 20 years ago when I watched my Dad compete in the NYC marathon. I had never seen anything like it before! Thousands of people doing something so hard that they had dedicated a tremendous amount of time training for to achieve this amazing goal. It was so inspiring! I made a promise to myself that day that someday I would run the NYC marathon. What I didn’t know at the time was that I would indeed run the NYC marathon, but that the catalyst to accomplish that goal would be cancer. You ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Meet September Athlete of the Month Eileen McMahon

    Meet September Athlete of the Month Eileen McMahon

    1. Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job,school, etc)? Past athletic history. I'm an Assistant Principal at Maine West HS, and I have two daughters aged 11 and 9. My husband travels for work and is usually gone during the week, home on weekends. I've always been active and interested in athletics but never particularly distinguished: before kids I ran marathons, but slowly; I played club volleyball in undergrad and club basketball in grad school, but have never been what you'd call an MVP. I'm never going to be the one who finishes first in a WOD and I rarely Rx anything. But I am always trying hard to get better at the things I do, and I like the feeling of ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - August Athlete of the Month - Ryan London

    August Athlete of the Month - Ryan London

    Meet our August Athlete of the Month, Ryan London! Ryan started doing personal training with our fabulous coach, Wayne Didier, this past April after his kids and wife started taking classes at CFLF. He was worried that existing issues with his feet and knees would make exercise impossible, but with the help of his amazing coach (Shout out to Wayne!!!!) and the support of his family, he has lost almost 40 pounds and accomplished his goal of doing a Father/Son Canoe Trip in Canada this July. We are so excited to see Ryan continue to get stronger, fitter, faster and better!! Keep up the great work, Ryan! TO find out more about Ryan, read below. Who are you? What do you do when you ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Why We Need Fun and Play

    Why We Need Fun and Play

    Why We Need Fun and Play
    (Taken from Whole 30)
    In 2008, the NY Times ran an article titled, “Why Do We Play?” The article reads, in part: “Scientists who study play, in animals and humans alike, are developing a consensus view that play is something more than a way for restless kids to work off steam; more than a way for chubby kids to burn off calories; more than a frivolous luxury. Play, in their view, is a central part of neurological growth and development — one important way that children build complex, skilled, responsive, socially adept and cognitively flexible brains.” But play isn’t just for children. New research ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Why So Many CrossFitters "Hate" Running and What to do About It

    Why So Many CrossFitters "Hate" Running and What to do About It

    CrossFitters are not known for their love of running. The day we did the 1-mile time trial we might as well have just closed the gym (even though everyone claims to NEVER cherry pick their workouts! Busted!!) What is it about running that so many people, and by people I specifically mean CrossFitters, dislike?? I entered the CrossFit world from a background as an endurance runner. For me, my legs start to feel good when I get to mile 4 in my runs. Most running we do in CrossFit never comes close to any kind of distance like that, but instead focuses on short intervals of 400 or at most 800 meters (and of course the once-a-year Murph workout that incorporates a mile run on the front ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Meet July Athlete of the Month - Kale Polich!

    Meet July Athlete of the Month - Kale Polich!

    Meet our July Athlete of the Month, Kali Polich! Even though she is a full-time nursing student, she has completely dedicated herself to CrossFit. She has transformed both her lifestyle and body by working out and changing her diet! Having lost over 20 pounds, Kali is a great example of how hard work and determination pay off. We also love that her family is following her lead and changing their habits too. We are super proud and excited to have Kali be our featured athlete this month. 1. Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job, school, etc)? Past athletic history. I'm currently almost halfway through getting my Masters in Nursing from DePaul. If I'm not ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Meet Our June Athletes of the Month:  Becky and Jeff James

    Meet Our June Athletes of the Month: Becky and Jeff James

    Meet Becky and Jeff James! We love this couple because they embody everything we all love about CrossFit. They love learning from our awesome coaches and they track their progress carefully. They work hard and push themselves in every workout - Jeff just competed in his first competition! They are extremely committed to their fitness - Becky's job requires that she travels four days a week, so she found a CrossFit gym near her job assignment in Texas. Wow! Most importantly, they are super supportive and actively involved in our CFLF community - Becky was our live stream master during the CF Open! They truly drink the CrossFit Kool-aid and we just love them!! So, read on to get to know the ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Training to Race: Why Physical Preparedness is the Name the Game

    Training to Race: Why Physical Preparedness is the Name the Game

    Currently, we have a group of athletes training for a Spartan Race in June. They have combined their CrossFit training with specific skill and endurance work to prepare for their upcoming race. They are focused, dedicated and doing a fabulous job of preparing for their event. Working with this group, highlights the importance of the concept of training to compete versus showing up at the starting line without putting the work in, which by the way, is a terrific recipe for getting injured and for having a bad experience. When we undertake something like training for a Spartan race, it’s important to look at the two main components of your overall effort - the training ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - What the Open Means to US!

    What the Open Means to US!

    We conquered the Open! I say "We" because it truly was a community event. Many people competed in the Open this year and our box had many athletes rank extremely high, both in our region and worldwide. However, the most impressive part of this global competition was that our whole community of athletes pulled together to cheer for each other and support one another as we pushed ourselves to be better than we were yesterday and that's really what it's all about. The Open is a unique opportunity to see where our strengths and weaknesses are as athletes and as a box. Sometimes we got discouraged or frustrated, but many times we surprised ourselves by pushing beyond our perceived limits. ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Going the Extra Mile - Jay Miles, New Co-Owner

    Going the Extra Mile - Jay Miles, New Co-Owner

    Hey Everyone, I am very excited to join the CrossFit Lake Forest family as a co-owner. Why am I joining? Several reasons: I love CrossFit. I came from a sports and fitness background and found myself spending way too much time in the gym wondering why I’m working out. When I came across CrossFit in 2007, it instantly clicked. My workouts had more purpose and I became healthier overall (cardio was not my friend….). CrossFit exposed my fitness weaknesses and gave me very tangible goals to accomplish. I love the Community. At CrossFit Lake Forest, we have a great community of people. I love seeing you all encourage each other during WODs. It has been neat to see many of ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Meet Our March Athlete of the Month Nicole Dennis

    Meet Our March Athlete of the Month Nicole Dennis

    Meet our March Athlete of the Month, Nicole Dennis!! Nicole might just be one of the most positive and smiley people we have ever met. Being fairly new to CrossFit, she has embraced everything about it and comes into every class eager to learn, quick to support her fellow athletes, and always up for trying new things and pushing herself in each and every workout. We just love Nicole and her fabulous energy!! So let's learn more about this wonderful woman! Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job, school, etc)? Past athletic history. Hi, I am Nicole Dennis, currently working over at the Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital Project as a Construction ....

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  • Winter Training for OCR

    Whether you are an experienced Obstacle Course Racer (OCR) or just thinking of conquering your first in 2017, the time to start training is now! As we struggle with motivation and the cold and darkness of the winter, it’s time to assess your strengths and weaknesses and to create a training plan. If you’ve run an obstacle course race (Spartan, Savage, Tough Mudder) before, what were your toughest challenges? Was it the wall or the run? Can you make the rope climb? Did you fall off the monkey bars? Also, what are your goals for 2017? Do you want to finish your first or perhaps complete a Spartan Trifecta? 1. Keep Running – or start running now!
    : People always ask me: ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Resolution Fail! (And How to Avoid It!)

    Resolution Fail! (And How to Avoid It!)

    Did you know that over 40% of Americans set a New Year's Resolution each year and over 60% of those resolutions have to do with health and fitness. However, only 8.2% of people actually achieve those goals!! Major FAIL!!! In a recent presentation to over 70 women at the Beauty, Brains and Brawn Event, Coach Andi explained why so many of us fail at the goals we set and how we can change that so this can be the year to achieve those resolutions!! "The reason resolutions don’t work is that people are setting them using the factual and analytical part of their brain and not tapping into the true decision making part of our brain which is where our feelings are. I can list off ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Meet February Athlete of the Month - Dr. David Fishman!

    Meet February Athlete of the Month - Dr. David Fishman!

    Meet our February Athlete of the Month, Dr. David Fishman!! At 72 years old, many people would be thinking about curling up with a good book on a white sandy beach, but not Dr. David! He's a cardiologist who works seven days a week and when he's not at work, he gets 2-3 CrossFit workouts in a week, cheers on the best team in the world (Go Cubs Go!), goes to Pearl Jam and Springsteen concerts or travels with his lovely wife, Marie. Dr. David blows all the excuses we hear about people not having enough time to commit to their fitness out of the water and exemplifies what hard work and commitment look like. He has touched the hearts of all that work with him and continually inspires us ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Ghosts of New Year's Past

    Ghosts of New Year's Past

    It’s a New Year filled with lots of possibilities and potential. There are goals to be set and grand expectations to be met this year, but sometimes starting something new or setting new goals can be riddled with ghosts from New Years’s past!! Is this the year you will get in shape, lose that baby weight (that has been hanging on for 10 years), or set all kinds of new personal records?? After surgery, a divorce, crazy work schedule or a barren and prolonged loss of self-recognition, it can be overwhelming to think about starting over. Even if you are currently in a fitness routine, sometimes things change - maybe your body is letting you down a bit (getting older ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - January Athlete of the Month - Candace Tallisman

    January Athlete of the Month - Candace Tallisman

    Meet our January Athlete of the Month, Candace Tallisman
    !! Candace was voted by her peers (woohoo!) to be our Athlete of the Month this month. Her enthusiasm for CrossFit, her dedication to her workouts, and her postive attitude in class make her the top choice by her fellow athletes to be our Athlete of the Month. Above all, coaches and athletes agree that Candace embodies what CrossFit is all about - she helps build our amazing community by being a role model and encouraging others to reach their potential. For these reasons and many more, we are both proud and excited to have Candace be our athlete of the month. To learn more about this incredible woman, read below! Your ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - December Athlete of the Month: Lora Kennedy

    December Athlete of the Month: Lora Kennedy

    Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job,school, etc)? Past athletic history.
    I am Lora Kennedy. I am 49 years old and live in Lake Forest with my boys Eagan 15,Owen 11 and my husband Ed.2 years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in both hips and hands. My left hip has only 10% cartilage left and several bone spurs, the right side is only a little better. I am in pain all the time. I used to run/walk 3-4 times a week, but the pain forced me to stop. I am a snow skier, and I couldn't even make it down more than 1 run without resting and pain medication. Chiropractors helped me the first year with adjustments, massage, acupuncture, electric stimulation treatments ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Finding Balance During the Holidays (and Every Day)!

    Finding Balance During the Holidays (and Every Day)!

    Finding Balance During the Holidays and Every Day
    The most wonderful time of the year is also the most stressful for lots of people struggling to fit in increased end-of-the-year workloads, holiday parties, shopping, guest hosting, travel, and seeing friends and relatives who you’d (let’s be honest) otherwise avoid. Luckily, the same coping mechanisms that can help relieve stress and find better balance during the year also work for the holidays. Here are five tips to finding work-life balance during the holidays and every day.

    Make yourself a priority!
    That’s right! When life gets busy, it’s easy to put our own needs at the bottom ....

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  • CrossFit Kids and Teens in 	 Lake Forest - CrossFit Lake Forest - Meet Coach Jay!

    Meet Coach Jay!

    Jay has been CrossFitting since 2007 and prior to that was the Head Trainer at Lifetime Fitness in Vernon Hills and a trainer at Midtown Athletic Club. His professional experience in the fitness industry combined with his love of CrossFit, make him an outstanding coach and a true asset to our amazing staff. What he loves about CrossFit is that, “It challenges me everyday and replaces the monotony of traditional weightlifting. I love that my family and I can workout together. I love the culture created by a CrossFit box. I love that I can help others achieve their health and fitness goals through CrossFit.” Jay brings a wealth of experience and passion to every class he ....

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  • Falling into Fitness

    Today as I was doing some trail running, I was distracted for just a second, my foot hit an exposed tree root and just like that I fell- hard. Both knees as well as hands took it, scrapes and all. After I fell, I quickly scanned my body for injuries (right after I checked to see that no one saw me tumble!). As I sat there, I realized that my body was fine, and in fact pointing out to me that we had just done half a burpee and was waiting to jump up and clap- and then do another 15 or so! It occurred to me that my CrossFit training had saved me from a potentially devasting injury. Who knows how many other injuries or ailments I’ve avoided over the years by CrossFit training . Have ....

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  • Coach Heather’s Diet Journey

    From left to right: Starting CrossFit | Weightlifting Only (~2.5 years ago) | CrossFit + Weightlifting now. From the time I was in high school to now, I have tried many diets. In college until the time I found CrossFit, I dieted for aesthetics. After CrossFit, I dieted for performance. I decided to pull these diets together and record my experiences with them. I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, so I am speaking simply as a person who works out 5 days a week and tries to eat healthy. Calorie Restriction
    This is the most common “diet” out there. Be hungry. All. The. Time. I basically decided to eat 1500 calories a day, including weekends. I still have the ....

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  • Core Focus

    Four years ago, I coached a morning gym class at RowFit CrossFit for Noble Street High School students. Noble Street splits up gym classes by gender. So I had girls two days a week, and boys two days a week. At the beginning of the semester, I handed out mini log books and asked them to write their fitness goals on the first page. In reading these goals, I was very surprised to find that both the girls and the boys primarily wanted to work on their core. Well, the girls wanted flat stomachs, and the boys wanted a six-pack. Ab
    Desiring an improved waistline and defined core is very common. The great thing about it is your stomach is called you core for a reason – it can be ....

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  • Why Should I Start Rowing?!

    A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend two amazing seminars on rowing. (Are you thinking “’fortunate is not the word I would have chosen, but ok…’”? ) One of the presenters was Josh Crosby, a former World Champion of Rowing and a former U.S. Olympic team member. Amazing guy. Inventor of a particular rowing machine and various rowing formats. Intense and fit and creative and so very impressive. Josh told us that ROWING works about 80% of the muscles in your body with virtually no impact. The only other activities that can claim such a thing are swimming and cross-country skiing! Think about that—you can work your whole body without ....

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  • The Secret Sauce is Intensity

    />If you have been CrossFitting for any length of time, you have heard the word intensity thrown around quite a bit. However, do you know what intensity means? Do you understand how it relates to your fitness goals and results? “All positive adaptations come through intensity” – Greg Glassman (CrossFit Founder and CEO) Intensity is not volume or duration or heart rate or even discomfort. Do more work in less time (without overdoing it), and you’ll get fitter faster. Intensity is your secret sauce. In CrossFit, we define intensity as force (f) multiplied by distance (x) and divided by time (t). You might have noticed (for you real geeks out there), this ....

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  • Introducing….BODYSHRED!!!

    Here at Lyft, we are SO excited to bring you one of the hottest, most effective and super efficient exercise formats that is now sweeping the country. Created by Jillian Michaels
    , the renowned fitness trainer who is featured in countless books, DVDs and video games, and who has appeared on 12 seasons of the television show “The Biggest Loser”, Bodyshred
    is our new group exercise class!! What makes Bodyshred
    so different? In Jillian’s own words: “BODYSHRED incorporates modern fitness techniques—metabolic circuit training, HIIT intervals, supersetting, PHA, plyometrics, and functional core training, using body weight and light to moderate dumbbell ....

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  • CrossFit Lake Forest’s Coach Development Program

    CrossFit Lake Forest sets itself apart from other CrossFit programs, and Lyft Health and Fitness as a whole sets itself apart from other fitness programs in general through the results our athletes receive when they work out consistently with us. Those results come from athlete effort, and behind that effort is our inspiring and well educated professional CrossFit Coach Staff. As the leader of the CrossFit program, it is important to me that all Crossfit classes at CFLF are high quality. Everyone should leave each class feeling like they made progress in their performance, learned something, and were inspired to reach the goals they set out in our Goals Program. As our athlete ....

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  • Oh My Quad

    At CrossFit Lake Forest, we believe that everyone can always benefit from being stronger. Whether you want to move better in your WOD or in your daily life, there is no better developer of overall strength than the squat. So with that in mind, we will be embarking on a 12-week Hatch Squat program . This program was developed by US Olympic Weightlifting coach Gayle Hatch. How It Works
    During a Hatch Squat cycle we will be focusing on the squat twice a week, and during each of these sessions you will perform both Back Squat AND Front Squat. In order to be prepared for this cycle, you are going to need to know your 1-rep max for both the Back Squat and the Front Squat. Each rep ....

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  • 5 Ways to Relieve Soreness

    Getting over the soreness hurdle when you start a fitness routine can be challenging. In order to prevent muscle stiffness and soreness, and help remain consistent at the gym, we’ve put together these great tips. Keep Moving
    Instead of logging couch time in an effort to rest your muscles, move around more. Blood flow recovers sore muscles, and we increase blood flow by simply walking and stretching. Mobilize
    We highly recommend rolling out before and after your workouts, including at your home. Watching TV while rolling out, instead of hitting your reclyner will feel great and relieve those sore muscles. On Sundays, CrossFit Lake Forest offers our one of a kind ....

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  • Virtuosity: CrossFit Fundamentals

    There is a compelling tendency among novices developing any skill or art – whether learning to play the violin, write poetry or compete in gymnastics – to quickly move past the fundamentals and onto more elaborate more sophisticated movement skills or techniques. This compulsion is the novices curse.” We are adding a CrossFit class called Fundamentals. Fundamentals will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:30pm. This class is great for people just coming out of our Intro Class who don’t feel quite ready to enter the regular classes. It is also great for our experienced athletes who just need a little more personal attention or who want additional ....

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  • Consistency is Key!

    Not too long ago as I sat down to dinner with my family, my 12 year old daughter helped herself to an unusually large (for her) portion of salad. On her own. Without my having to physically put it on her plate. Given that it has always been a small battle to get her to eat vegetables, my husband and I raised our eyebrows and just stared at her. She looked at us and said, “What???” “Uh, you took a lot of salad …” I carefully said. She looked at us, flipped her hair over her shoulder as only 12 year old girls can, and said, “I’ve decided I ’ m going green .” The whole table stared at her as she systematically polished off every ....

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  • Everyone Gets a High Five!

    As July begins, so does the excitement about the upcoming CrossFit Games. The unique thing about the CrossFit Games is the camaraderie everyday CrossFitters feel with those athletes. They are professional CrossFitters. However, we all CrossFit, and whether we are overhead squatting 325lbs or the barbell alone, we know what it takes to do the movement. We also know struggle. One CrossFit characteristic that gets repeated throughout the Games is that CrossFit is the only sport where your opponents cheer you on when they are done, and you are still struggling. Whether you are a professional CrossFitter or an everyday CrossFitter, we cheer because we are all part of this larger community ....

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  • The Power of Connections

    Last week, when I was making my all-too-often Starbucks run, I ran in to a long-time friend. It had been an embarrassingly long time since we had last gotten together. As we waited for our drinks, we quickly tried to catch up on all our news, leaving Starbucks with promises to get dates on the calendar to get together for lunch or dinner over the summer. Reality check: both of us have a lot of children, both of us work, and both of us have busy schedules, so escaping for regular outings is unlikely at best. And I am guessing all of us have friends like this: people we would like to spend more time with, even just “hanging out”, but HOW??? Instead of the proverbial ....

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  • Live Like a Lion

    Why live like a lion? The Lion holds his head up high as the king of the jungle. No one messes with the lion. The Lion does not outwardly doubt his abilities or feel sorry for himself. The Lion does not show weakness, complain, use negative self-talk, or feel sorry for himself. The Lion gets it done or dies trying. Sometimes, life and workouts can be tough. I hope these 5 things can help change your mentality towards both. 1) Be Fierce
    Saying you can’t do something, or that it’s too hard, or that you suck at something, does no good and brings others around you down. Actually saying it out loud makes it become more of a reality. Instead, hold your head high and ....

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  • New Classes! New Schedule!

    New Schedule Effective Sunday, May 3
    F.I.T. Bootcamp
    – High-Intensity, High-Calorie Burn full body workout! TREAD
    – Go the distance! Walk, jog or run in this treadmill-based class. 30 or 60 minute option for each class! Quick F.I.T
    – No time for a full hour workout? No problem! Come in for a QUICKIE!! 30 minutes of full body work! CrossFit Class Moved from 11:30 to Noon
    Open Gym – New Sunday hours!!!

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  • So…What’s the deal with this Interval Training stuff??

    “Interval Training”, “HIIT”, “High Intensity Cardio Strength”…you’ve probably heard these new buzzwords floating around the fitness world, but what exactly do they stand for and really, should you bother with them? The short answer is “YES”. YES YES YES YES YES!! But only if you want to improve your overall fitness level, increase your cardiovascular conditioning, boost your metabolism, jump-start your fat-burning, and transform your body all in less time . Sound good? Read on! Did you read “in less time”?? How is all that possible? Don’t you have to spend an hour on cardio, an hour on strength, an hour on ....

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  • STRESS is GOOD!! What?!?

    Stress is good!! What?!? How many times a day do you or someone around you muter the words, “I’m SO stressed!!” We live in a world that spends a tremendous amount of time talking about being stressed, trying to manage stress or figure out how eliminate stress completely from our lives. Well, I’m here to tell you… there is no such thing as a stress free life!! Not going to happen. Ever!! Unless you are living on a tropical island, are fabulously wealthy and are being waited on hand and foot, you have stress in your life. We have jobs to do, people to deal with, families to take care of – these things are stressful!! The good news is that we can ....

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  • Meet Our New FIT Coaches-Diane and Tracy!

    We are SO excited to welcome Diane Kavanagh and Tracy Carlson to the Lyft Team. They will be coaching our new FIT and Quick FIT classes starting in May!! Read below to learn more about these two FABULOUSLY FIT coaches. MEET DIANE KAVANAGH!
    My husband Dan and I currently live in Lake Forest with our 8 children — 7 girls followed by 1 boy, ages 16 to 6. Yes, they’re all ours. Yes, I gave birth to all 8. No, there are no twins or multiples. And yes…we are extremely busy! After being an athlete all my life, I was frustrated when all of my “go-to” exercises weren’t helping to shed all of the “baby weight”. After my fourth child, I decided to ....

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  • Zen Planner 101

    As you may have heard us mention, we have decided to switch software systems and use Zen Planner in order to enhance your experience at Lyft Health and Fitness. This system will allow us to better provide each athlete with the attentiveness they deserve and make it easier for you to track your workouts and attendance, measure performance gains, register for classes and manage your payment options. First things first: Logging in
    1). Create a password!
    You will receive a password to the email address you provided to us. If you do not receive a password, please let us know (most likely we entered in your email wrong. Sorry for the fat fingers!). 2) Customize your profile!
    Once ....

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  • Whole Life Challenge Wrap Up

    Congrats to our Whole Life Challenge participants!! And especially our winners, Paul & Diane Bailey who prove the importance of teamwork. Not only did they have the most points, but they played on the highest level! Here are some other notable achievements, as well as athlete testimonials and results. Notable Achievements MIA Award:
    Eric Smies who pretty much disappeared early on. Good intentions! No Excuses Award:
    Monica Tobler who finished third despite numerous work trips and a vacation to Paris. Most Improved Award:
    Mike Rancourt played last year and increased his points and participation this year. Mindful Cheating Award:
    Adam Greenberg who embraced that the ....

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  • Everybody Has a Journey: Coach Eric’s Journey to CFLF: Part III

    Nell and I signed up for Ironman Wisconsin a year in advance (which is what you have to do in order to get into the race as it fills up within hours). Signing up was the easy part. Now we had a year to plan and to train. During the winter months we were looking for a place to do some indoor cycling, preferably on computrainers. On the computrainers you can simulate actual courses and do threshold training. Nell found a place less than a mile from us that had the computrainers. It was called Elite Athletic Development. Hmm. Never heard of it. We stopped by one night to talk to Jim (the owner) about setting up times to come in and put our bikes on the computrainers for some training ....

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  • Injury Management and the Art of Getting Tough and Getting Rest

    This week, I had two athletes ask me seemingly similar questions. Athlete #1: I hurt my back bowling and am in pain when I try to workout. Should I continue to CrossFit? Athlete #2: What are your thoughts on working out when you are really sore? Taking these questions together, it’s semantics. You can workout sore, but not in pain. However, navigating that line can be difficult. Especially for those of us just starting our fitness journey, or adjusting to not being in our invincible 20s anymore. I wish I had a clear cut answer for you. Unfortunateley, more often than not, if you come to me with these questions, I’ll throw some questions back at you that might just ....

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  • Training for Lunch

    This is a common CrossFit mantra. Additionally, we call all our members, athletes. We do this because CrossFit training centers around the concept that your exercise should increase your coordination, agility, mobility, speed, strength, endurance, power, stamina, accuracy, and balance; not just make the numbers on the scale go down. This is important to remember during certain deload days/weeks. A lot of athletes get concerned whether they got a hard enough workout in on those days/weeks. To know whether your workout is adequate, you have to look at your WODs as part of a larger whole, not the day-to-day did I burn enough calories to eat lunch approach. Training, if you embrace it, ....

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  • Everybody Has A Journey: Coach Eric’s Journey to CrossFit Lake Forest

    I was brought up like a lot of kids, with sports being a big part of my formative years. I was definitely an active kid, and spent most of my summers outside playing with kids in the neighborhood. There wasn’t a lot in the way of video games or movies on video at that point, so we were forced to actually play outside and be active. I have great memories of the things we played. Kick the can, whiffle ball, dodge ball, tag and a million other games that had us running around. My parents also enrolled me in soccer at a very young age, so I was out there on the field chasing the soccerball, and trying my best to at least kick it in the right direction without getting kicked by some other ....

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  • Prove Your Fitness: Five Reasons YOU Should Register for the 2015 CrossFit Open

    2015 is going to be a landmark year for the CrossFit Games. There is a new scaled division for the Open for the first time ever. You have all experience CrossFit the fitness program. Now, the road to the CrossFit Games is starting and here is your opportunity to be part of CrossFit the sport. The first CrossFit Open WOD will be announced on Thursday, February 26th. CrossFit Lake Forest athletes will have the opportunity to complete these WODs when it will be our workout of the day. For five weeks, every CrossFit athlete in the world will be doing the same workout you are doing. I don’t love every second of the Open, but I have participated in it since its inception in 2011. ....

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  • AGAP: 6 month & 1 Year

    A new CrossFit acronym!!! Before you google it, or look foriton I made it up (I think I did anyway). It stands for As Many Goals As Possible, and the time domain is one year. That’s right. We are starting AGAP’s this month at CrossFit Lake Forest. There are two types of goals we will focus on, short term goals, which range from 1-6 months to achieve, and long term goals, which take a year + to achieve, or are ongoing. We want all of our athletes to think about their health and fitness goals, and meet with me to discuss them at the 6 month & 1 year mark as athletes at CrossFit Lake Forest. What is a Goal?
    A goal is a desired result. Specifically, ....

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  • Elf-Sized Goals

    As a working mother of two kids, I have a love/hate relationship with the month of December. As if life is not busy enough, we add in a tremendous amount of holiday fun and festivities and now it just gets crazy. So, I prepare for it much like I do a tough CrossFit workout. I look at the work I have to do, mentally prepare for the task ahead, take a deep breath and then dive in with 100% effort and focus – 3..2..1..go! Between attending holiday band concerts, waking up in a panic each night because I forgot to do the Elf on the Shelf (if you don’t know what Elf on the Shelf consider yourself very lucky), trying to make a couple of social appearances at parties, getting the ....

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  • Tough Negotiations

    One more rep and then I’ll take a break…If I keep doing toes-to-bar, it’s just going to slow me down on the clean and jerks that are coming up…I have to catch my breath before I pick up the bar…I’m gonna dehydrate if I don’t drink any water during this 7 minute WOD…Okay, one more, and then I’ll take a breather and knock out a quick ten, or maybe five, to make up for the break…That tweak in my shoulder is acting up. Something is probably wrong, I should stop. Or take a quick break just to see what’s wrong… Negotiation. We all do it. Every WOD I have an attack plan, and during that WOD, I spend the entire ....

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  • Warming Up to Excellence

    I’m amused everyday at what people will do to avoid the warm-up (even arm wrestling won’t get you out of it!). The warm up itself isn’t that hard, but feeling motivated to move around when you are cold and tired can be a physical and mental challenge. However, the warm up is the most important part of the hour. Most WODs (workouts of the day) at CrossFit Lake Forest entail a group warm up, strength or skill component, conditioning, and rolling out to cool down. We like to keep everyone working and sweating for the whole hour, even of the hardest part of the hour is 5-20 minutes. Most people spend the entire time thinking about that hardest part, whether it’s ....

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