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InBody Scans Only at CrossFit Lake Forest

Most people come through our doors looking to “Lose weight.”  

“Lose weight” is a very vague target/goal to set.  In fitness, it is easy to get discouraged by the dreaded “scale,” but the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.  If you are going to measure anything, you have to measure lean body mass, body fat percentage and water weight.  

Our InBody machine does just that! Unlike comparable body composition tests, our InBody Scanner is completely non-evasive. You don’t have to change into a bathing suit or sit in a confining “pod” to find out what you are made of. The InBody reading gets the same results in less time, more affordably and completely hassle free!

The InBody results sheet interpretation provides an extensive array of relevant and specific parameters relating to body composition. Our expert coaches will review the results with you and help you set goals to reach your goals.  

$45 initial InBody Test includes:

  • 20 min consultation session with Coach to discuss the test results
  • Target setting
  • Advice on reaching those targets
  • Optional progress photo and measurement tracking

Before and After Scan price is $75

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