Wednesday, October 1st

Congrats to Pauls, Marty, Heather, Filip, and Olek for becoming Spartans over the weekend!

Strength 1) Seated Millitary Press, 5x4 Across2) Front Squat , 5x4 Rising3) TABATA Tricep Extensions, 4 Rounds   Conditioning A) Cash Out: 2RFTFront Rack KB carry across the gym and back (53/35)50 Sit Ups B)Cash Out: 2RFTFront Rack KB carry across the gym and back30 Sit Ups … [Read more...]

Tuesday, September 30th

McMike, Jared, Maria, and Mary Ann snatching

Conditioning Death by Power Clean (135/95) Cash Out:  Coach's Choice! … [Read more...]

Monday, September 29th

Brett ahead of the pack

Strength Bent Rows 6x6 Across   Conditioning AMRAP: 12 minutes10 Lateral Bar Hop Burpees10 Thrusters (95/65)10 Pull Ups (sub Ring Rows) … [Read more...]

No Classes on Saturday, September 27th


We are excited for Coach Heather, Filip and Marty from Unbroken, as well as CFLF athletes Alejandro, Brad, Mike, and Paul, who are competing in the Spartan Race; as well as Coach Tim who is lifting in the Chicago Strength Weightlifting Meet. Since all of our coaches  are competing, class is … [Read more...]

Friday, September 26th

Margaret, Nancy, Zoya, Mary Ann, John, and Marty picking up heavy stuff

Strength 20 minutes to get to Hang Power Snatch 1RM   Conditioning A) For Time 15-12-9Hang Power SnatchTTB   B) For Time 9-6-3 Hang Power Snatch*10 Candlesticks after each round   … [Read more...]

Thursday, September 25th

Scott getting low!

Strength Handstand + Slow Negative 6x1   Conditioning A) AMRAP: 4 minutes15 Pull Ups (sub Ring Rows)5 HSPU (x2 on box) *Rest 3 minutes AMRAP: 4 minutes20 Med Ball Sit Ups20 Pistols   B) AMRAP: 4 minutes15 Ring Rows10 Push Ups *Rest 3 minutes AMRAP: 4 minutes15 … [Read more...]

Wednesday, September 24th

Maria & Andi climbing high

Strength EMOM:  8 minutes 3 Front Squats @ 55%   Conditioning A) 3 Rounds for time500m Row20 Deadlifts (205/135)10 Ring Dips*Rest 3 minutes   B) 3 Rounds for time250m Row10 Deadlifts 20 Box Dips*Rest 3 minutes … [Read more...]

Tuesday, September 23rd

Team WOD fun this past Saturday!

Strength 1) Bench Press 9x3 Across  *45 seconds rest 2) Tricep Extensions on Bar 5x10 *45 seconds rest   Conditioning A) AMRAP: 6 minutes3 Strict Pull Ups6 Burpees9 Shoulder-to-Overhead (75/55)   B) AMRAP: 6 minutes12 Ring Rows8 Burpees4 Shoulder-to-Overhead … [Read more...]

Monday, September 22nd

McMike and Allen teaming up

Strength Deadlift 7x3 *Rest 1 minute   Conditioning Death by Wall Ball (20/14) Start with 10 wall ball shots in minute one, add a wall ball shot each minute.  You are done when you cannot complete the prescribed number  of reps within the minute. Score = Rounds … [Read more...]

Friday, September 19th

Sully, Geoff, and Goldberg hanging out

Strength EMOM: 10 minutes 2 Muscle Snatches (light)   Conditioning 10 minute ladder, increasing reps on the minute Minute  1: 1 strict pull up + 2 push ups Minute 2:  2 strict pull ups + 4 push ups ...and so on, increasing 1 strict pull up, and 2 push ups EMOM … [Read more...]