Thursday, July 31st

Fun pants Joan!

Strength A )Push Press 1RMB) Push Press Practice for reps between 3-5 HSPU Practice   Conditioning A) AMRAP: 8 minutes5 HSPU (x2 box)10 Snatches15 Sit Ups   B) AMRAP: 8 minutes10 Push Ups10 Snatches15 Sit Ups … [Read more...]

Wednesday, July 30th

Varsity club working hard.  Reminder - we added a Weds. 7:30pm Varsity class!!!

Strength A) Power Clean 1RMB) Power Clean Practice for reps between 3-5   Conditioning A) 21-15-9Power Cleans (135/95)TTB Wall Balls (20/14)   B) 15-12-9Power CleansCandlesticksWall Balls  … [Read more...]

Tuesday, July 29th

KBS group

Strength Back Squat 7x3 (light/speed) Across   Conditioning 4 Rounds for Reps1:00 ME Clusters (135/95)1:00 ME Lateral Bar Hops1:00 ME Push Ups*Rest 1 minute … [Read more...]

Monday, July 28th

Paul's game face.

Strength Coach's Choice!   Conditioning For Time:100m KB Farmer's Carry (53/35)then3RFT15 KBS (53/35)15 Goblet Squats30 KB Deadliftsthen100m KB Farmers Carry … [Read more...]

Saturday, July 26th

Last Saturday's Battle for the Belt where the Women came out on top!

The Battle for the Belt continues with "Eva" at 9am!    You can complete this with a partner or on your own. "Eva" 5RFT 800m Run 30 KBS (53/35) 30 Pull Ups   Open Gym from 10am - 12pm where you can do "Eva" (not for the belt though!), make up a WOD, or work on … [Read more...]

Friday, July 25th

Charles pressing

Strength Weighted Partner Sit-Ups 5x10   Conditioning A) 15-12-9 Pull Ups Ring Dips Alt. KB Snatches (44/26)   B) 15-12-9Ring RowsBox DipsAlt KB Snatches … [Read more...]

Thursday, July 24th

Jacob and Maria working OHS

Strength 4 Rounds6 Goodmornings 6 Single Leg RDL each leg   Conditioning A) TABATA (4 minutes each movement)Shoulder-to-Overhead (95/65)Bar Facing BurpeesWall Balls (20/14)   B) TABATA (4 minutes each movement)Shoulder-to-OverheadBar Facing BurpeesWall Balls   … [Read more...]

Wednesday, July 23rd

Bill, Kevin, Geoff, and Connor cleaning

Strength Pull Up Progression Snatch Deadlift 5x2   Conditioning Every 30 Seconds for 4 minutesHang Power Snatch AHAP … [Read more...]

Tuesday, July 22nd

Welcome to our most recent On Ramp graduate - Mika!!!!

Strength Back Squat 3RM   Conditioning Repeat for a total of 5 rounds (15 minutes) A) OTM (on the minute)One - AMRAP Pull upsTwo - AMRAP plank (seconds = reps)Three - AMRAP Push Ups B) OTM (on the minute) One - ME Ring RowTwo - ME plankThree - ME Push Ups … [Read more...]

Monday, July 21st

Barely 14 year-old CJ Cummings (-62kg, USA) cleaning 147kg and jerking 153kg at the 2014 Senior Nationals this past weekend. Cummings took 2nd to Derrick Johnson (who set an American record in the snatch and total) but he managed to break a 12 year-old Senior American record with his 153kg … [Read more...]