Friday, October 9th

Mobility: Scapular Retraction Strength/Skill: Bench Press, 3 reps *15 minutes to work to a medium heavy weight, and repeat for 2-3 sets Conditioning: AMRAP: 15 minutes 3 HSPU (x2 box) 12 KBS (35/53) 24 Ab Mat Sit Ups … [Read more...]

Thursday, October 8th

Mobility: Hamstrings Strength/Skill: Pause Push Jerks, 3x3 across Conditioning: "Cindy" AMRAP: 20 minutes 5 Pull Ups (sub jumping pull ups) 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats … [Read more...]

Wednesday, October 7th

Strength/Skill: Hatch Day 11 Back Squat Front Squat 1*6 70% 1*5 65% 1*6 80% 1*4 75% 1*3 90% 1*4 80% 1*2 95% 1*4 80% Back Squat Front Squat 1*4 75% 1*5 60% 1*4 80% 1*5 65% 1*4 80% 1*5 70% 1*4 80% 1*5 70% … [Read more...]

Tuesday, October 6th

Strength/Skill: Clean Pulls work up to 3x3 @ 90% 1RM Clean or 60% 1RM Deadlift … [Read more...]

Monday, October 5th

Mobility Rack Work   Strength/Skill Pause Push Jerks, 3 reps *15 minutes to work to a heavy but not maximal triple   Conditioning "Decisions" EMOM: 8 minutes A) 8 Burpees 2 Push Jerks AHAP   B) 5 Burpees 5 Push Jerks   Score = Total … [Read more...]

Friday, October 2nd

Mobility: Banded GMs Strength/Skill: Deadlift, 3 reps *15 minutes to work to a medium heavy set, and repeat that weight for 2-3 sets Conditioning: TABATA: 8 minutes Alternating Push Ups Pull Ups … [Read more...]

What Jillian Michael’s Has to Say!


WHAT JILLIAN MICHAELS HAS TO SAY…                   This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend a well-known fitness convention at which the keynote speaker was none other than the famous celebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels. You may have an opinion of what Jillian might be like (I … [Read more...]

Battle of the Battle Ropes


CHECK OUT WHAT’S COMING THIS MONTH…   We at LYFT are SO excited!! GUESS WHAT WE BOUGHT???? GUESS WHAT IS COMING??? BATTLE ROPES! BATTLE ROPES! BATTLE ROPES! Yes it is true! Coming mid-month, Lyft will have 3 new battle ropes for both CrossFit and Group Exercise classes to use! What … [Read more...]

Meet October Athlete of the Month: Michele Kellerman


Your story. Who you are? What you do when your not here? Past athletic history? My name is Michele Kellerman. I am a wife and mother to Emma (15), Gracie (12) and James (9). Prior to kids I had a career in Retail Management and worked for The Gap for 20yrs. My husband Jim and I have been married … [Read more...]

Thursday, October 1st

Mobility: PVC Passthrough Strength/Skill: A) 2 Snatch Pulls + 1 Squat Snatch, rising B) 2 Snatch Pulls + 1 Power Snatch, rising *15 minutes Conditioning: 21-15-9 Hang Power Snatch (95/65) TTB … [Read more...]