Saturday, August 23rd

Mary Ann getting the Atlas stone onto her shoulder!

Join us for our second Strongman Saturday at 9am.  We will use the atlas stones and the tires (weather permitting) in a workout.  Open Gym follows the strongman fun from 10am-12pm. … [Read more...]

Friday, August 22nd

Look at this father daughter team.  Go Callie and Mike!

Strength Medium Grip Deadlift 6x3(65-75%speed) from Deficit   Conditioning A) For Time:Run 800m30 KBS (53/35)20 Alt. Pistols30 KBSRun 800m   B) For Time:Run 400m20 KBS (53/35)20 Alt. Box Pistols20 KBSRun 400   REMINDER:  Get excited for Strongman Saturday … [Read more...]

Thursday, August 21st

Brandon, Bridgette, Filip, Brett, and cleaning

Strength 1) Goodmornings 5x10 2) Weighted Reverse Hyperextensions 5x10 *Not a superset. 30 seconds rest between sets.   Conditioning A) With a 10 minute time capFor Time:35 Thrusters (105/85)(heavy)*EMOM 5 Pull Ups*Starts with Pull Ups B) With a 10 minute time capFor Time:50 … [Read more...]

Wednesday, August 20th


Strength * Not a superset. 30 seconds rest between sets. 1) Press 8x3 2) Clap or Explosive Push-Ups with Slow Descent 8x3   Conditioning A) For Time: 5x200m run *Rest 1 minute between rounds *Rest 2 minutes 1 mile time trial *Rest 1 minute Then 3RFT 10 TTB 20 Switch … [Read more...]

Tuesday, August 19th

Cindy Fun!

Strength Clean Pulls from Block below Knee 8x3   Conditioning A) 10 minutes to complete1) 3xME "L" sit hold 2) 3xME Strict Pull Ups3) 3x10 Tricep Dips B) 10 minutes to complete 1) 3xME Plank 2) 3xME Strict Pull Ups w band3) 3x10 Tricep Dips on box or banded dips on … [Read more...]

Monday, August 18th

Bridget and Janet putting up big weight

Strength Coach's Choice!   Conditioning "Helen" 3RFT 400m Run 12 KBS (53/35) 12 Pull Ups … [Read more...]

Saturday, August 16th

Start your weekend at CrossFit Lake Forest with a WOD at 9am, or Open Gym from 10am-noon! … [Read more...]

Friday, August 15th


  Strength Power Jerk from Rack 6x3 across   Conditioning Make Up Day for "Cindy" AMRAP:  20 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats If you did "Cindy" already, you will do "Mary" AMRAP:  20 5 HSPU 10 Pistols (5 each leg) 15 Pull ups Cash Out: AMRAP 2 minutes each arm of … [Read more...]

Thursday, August 14th


Strength A) Front Squat 7x3 70%B) Back Squat 7x3 70%   Conditioning Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes: 1 Clean & Jerk at 75% … [Read more...]

Wednesday, August 13th

Julie Janet

Strength Bench Press x1   Conditioning A) AMRAP: 10 minutes30 Wall Balls (20/14)10 TTB  B) AMRAP: 10 minutes20 Wall Balls10 Candlesticks Compare to July 3rd. … [Read more...]