Meet our August Athlete of the Month - Toni Feldstein

Meet our August Athlete of the Month - Toni Feldstein

Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here

My name is Toni Feldstein.  I was born in Italy, raised in France and moved to Manhattan in my early twenties.  My husband, James, and I just moved to Lake Bluff from Chicago.  We love being closer to nature and the change of pace from living in the city.

I've been in residential real estate but I am re-focusing my career and looking at new opportunities.  My Crossfit workout and the support I'm getting from my new community is helping me improve my health and reduce my stress tremendously. I'm so grateful to have found Lake Forest Crossfit!

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, great conversations, reading, writing and cooking healthy meals.  I have two awesome  children, Chad (25) and Celine (29) who bring so much joy in my life and I enjoy everything that has to do with personal development, fitness and deep connections with friends and family!


Past athletic history?

I battled a life threatening disease for 30 years, chronic Hep C and was very fortunate to stay healthy enough until the right medicine became available three years ago and cured me!  Because of this, I've been really healthy and always worked out, doing different aerobics, strength training and yoga.  But I knew it was time for more.


Why CrossFit? How did you find CrossFit Lake Forest?

I'll be 57 years old this month and I felt that I had to step up and up-level my fitness with a new approach.  Chad, my son, is a Crossfit fanatic and pushed me to try it!  Boy, was he right!!!  Crossfit is literally changing my life, my body and my mindset for the better in ways I really didn't expect!  I love my new community, the support and encouragement I get from everyone, and the real awesome guidance and instructions from all my coaches, from proper form to great nutritional programs!  Candace, Jay, Reenee, Maggie have been there every step of the way, helping me with proper form and the right mindset to continue to improve.  So grateful to them and to my 8:30 AM classmates!!!

Favorite workout? Least favorite?

Some of the exercises are new to me but everyone can take it at their level and modify, which I do often.  I love the challenge to better myself every day as well as the results I already see in just these last few months.  I'm getting stronger, fitter and happier, with the support and encouragement of awesome people every day!

Deadlifts and squats are my favs, anything upper body is still challenging.  Some moves are so new to me, especially snatches, but my coaches are there every step of the way and I know I'll be able to improve. 

Goals or things you're working on?

My goal is to gain muscle, lose giggle and be as fit as I can be!  

One piece of advice about CrossFit, life, anything?

My only advice for anyone on the fence about Crossfit is to JUMP IN because this is way more than a workout.  It's finding a community that supports you and your wellness wherever you start at!  It's giving deeper meaning to working out and it is so fulfilling!  This is an awesome adventure!

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