Meet Coach Jay!

Meet Coach Jay!

Jay has been CrossFitting since 2007 and prior to that was the Head Trainer at Lifetime Fitness in Vernon Hills and a trainer at Midtown Athletic Club. His professional experience in the fitness industry combined with his love of CrossFit, make him an outstanding coach and a true asset to our amazing staff.

What he loves about CrossFit is that, “It challenges me everyday and replaces the monotony of traditional weightlifting. I love that my family and I can workout together. I love the culture created by a CrossFit box. I love that I can help others achieve their health and fitness goals through CrossFit.”

Jay brings a wealth of experience and passion to every class he coaches and every athlete he works with. We are so excited to welcome Jay to our community and have our athletes get to know him.

  • Crossfit level 1
  • Crossfit Olympic lifting
  • CrossFit endurance
  • CrossFit football
  • CrossFit kettlebell
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • NASM performance exercise specialist
  • NASM corrective exercise specialist
  • ACE certified
  • Precision Nutrition Coach

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