Falling into Fitness

Today as I was doing some trail running, I was distracted for just a second, my foot hit an exposed tree root and just like that I fell- hard. Both knees as well as hands took it, scrapes and all. After I fell, I quickly scanned my body for injuries (right after I checked to see that no one saw me tumble!). As I sat there, I realized that my body was fine, and in fact pointing out to me that we had just done half a burpee and was waiting to jump up and clap- and then do another 15 or so!

It occurred to me that my CrossFit training had saved me from a potentially devasting injury. Who knows how many other injuries or ailments I’ve avoided over the years by CrossFit training . Have you noticed how much better you feel- how fewer injuries you experience- or how you get sick much less often? I do!

In addition to helping you to maintain better overall health, your training will open the door for you to partake in countless activities that perhaps you have avoided over the past years. Two weeks ago, 13 of us drove out to Rockford and took on the Tough Mudder course. 11 Miles and countless obstacles later, we were all smiling and laughing. Except for a few bumps and scrapes (and shocks), all in pretty good shape. I count the majority of the success to everyone’s “CrossFit-ness”. The ability to mentally push through as well as the strength to accomplish all of the pulling, pushing, jumping that was required.

I like to say “Use your training”- do something this summer that perhaps you have avoided: paddleboard, zip-line, jump on a trampoline, go rafting. Use your fitness, you have earned it! Just be careful not to fall!

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