Why Should I Start Rowing?!


A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend two amazing seminars on rowing. (Are you thinking “’fortunate is not the word I would have chosen, but ok…’”? ) One of the presenters was Josh Crosby, a former World Champion of Rowing and a former U.S. Olympic team member. Amazing guy. Inventor of a particular rowing machine and various rowing formats. Intense and fit and creative and so very impressive.

Josh told us that ROWING works about 80% of the muscles in your body with virtually no impact. The only other activities that can claim such a thing are swimming and cross-country skiing! Think about that—you can work your whole body without pounding it in to the ground. It is something all ages can do (his 94 year old grandfather still rows…that’s some crazy gene pool…) and can be practiced as a solitary activity or as a team sport. It is also one of the HOTTEST fitness activities right now, with Rowing (only) gyms springing up on the coasts, from Boston to L.A. While we in Chicago may not know of any yet, rest assured, they are on their way to the Midwest. It looks like this “trend” will stick around, especially as our population ages and looks for non-impact workouts.

“That’s nice, but isn’t it…boring?” you might want to say. It is ANYTHING BUT. Sure you can sit down to a solitary steady state cardio session, plug in your iPod and row away, much like you would do going for a jog, OR you could ramp up the intensity with a Rowing class that takes you on a journey that challenges your fitness level both in terms of cardio capacity AND strength. Intervals, varied and intense, that push you from breathless to recovery and back. Strength work that leaves you quivering. Throw in a little friendly competition, and you reach a whole new level of intensity. Whether you are challenging another rower, working relays as part of a team, or simply going against yourself, the competitive aspect will send you in to overdrive. With 80% of your body firing, you will burn tons of calories and improve your fitness level in a relatively short period of time.

If you were wondering whether or not you would like a ROWFIT class, I urge you to try one! Chances are, it will be much different than you expect. You should feel exhilarated and spent by the end, but not feel like you’ve been hit by a bus (thank you, no impact!). Our classes are 30 minutes (it’s amazing what you can accomplish in that time!), with a brief off-the-rower strength training “break” in the middle and again at the end. Super efficient. And effective. BE ON THE CUTTING EDGE . ROWING IS HERE. JOIN US!!! TUESDAY/THURSDAY AT 10:15AM!

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