Here at Lyft, we are SO excited to bring you one of the hottest, most effective and super efficient exercise formats that is now sweeping the country. Created by Jillian Michaels, the renowned fitness trainer who is featured in countless books, DVDs and video games, and who has appeared on 12 seasons of the television show “The Biggest Loser”, Bodyshred is our new group exercise class!!

What makes Bodyshred so different? In Jillian’s own words:

“BODYSHRED incorporates modern fitness techniques—metabolic circuit training, HIIT intervals, supersetting, PHA, plyometrics, and functional core training, using body weight and light to moderate dumbbell resistance into a single 30-minute, fast-paced, kinetic and creative workout, designed to deliver results in the most efficient, accelerated and fun way possible.”

What that means for YOU is that in just 30 minutes, you can achieve a full body workout that includes resistance AND cardio AND core training every time! No more excuses about not having enough time to get in a full or balanced workout! And Bodyshred gives you even more: As a metabolic workout, it is designed to give you maximum calorie burn and muscular conditioning not only during the workout itself, but also afterwards (the famous “afterburn”, or the calories your body continues to burn for up to 48 hours after such a workout ). How is this possible?

By utilizing movements that are multi-dimensional (we live and move in “3D”, not like robots simply moving forward and back, so we should work out in all planes of motion), and by layering and recruiting as many muscle groups as possible, Bodyshred is designed to be intense. It keeps heart rates elevated (at an average of 85% of maximum) and therefore kicks up a high calorie and fat burn as well as increased muscle definition…in just 30 minutes.

Even though it is intense by design, Bodyshred is a program for ALL fitness levels, from the new exerciser to the highly conditioned athlete. The format allows everyone to challenge themselves within each interval to push their own potential, and instructors are trained to offer variations to progress or regress each exercise if needed.

If you’re thinking, “What exactly would I be doing?”, the format is simple: 3 minutes of resistance training (often using the light 3-8lb hand weights), 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of core work (active recovery), all done 4 times. These 4 circuits, plus warm up and cool down, add up to 30 minutes. The key is the constant movement. There is no “down time” to this workout. You make the most of every second! You should be working so intensely that to do MORE than 30 minutes would actually compromise your form/alignment and intensity, so “quality over quantity” absolutely applies here.

Curious? Thinking this is too good to be true? CHECK IT OUT! We believe in this program so much that we are making it our flagship group exercise class!! We’re offering it every day during the week and even adding a weekend class so no one will miss out! If you remember Jillian Michaels from TV, you’ll remember she accepted no excuses, pushed people beyond what they thought possible, and helped them achieve results they couldn’t have imagined. She has motivated millions. Why not see what her program, and your favorite Lyft trainers, can do for you??

Bodyshred is now at 9:30am Monday-Friday, and 9:00 Sunday. beginning 9/8!!! As always, please RSVP to reserve your space in class! (Please note: Bootcamp Cardio and Bootcamp Strength will no longer be offered.)

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