CrossFit Lake Forest’s Coach Development Program

CrossFit Lake Forest sets itself apart from other CrossFit programs, and Lyft Health and Fitness as a whole sets itself apart from other fitness programs in general through the results our athletes receive when they work out consistently with us. Those results come from athlete effort, and behind that effort is our inspiring and well educated professional CrossFit Coach Staff.

As the leader of the CrossFit program, it is important to me that all Crossfit classes at CFLF are high quality. Everyone should leave each class feeling like they made progress in their performance, learned something, and were inspired to reach the goals they set out in our Goals Program.

As our athlete community grows, our staff must grow as well. To ensure quality is not lost, and that we best utilize the resources within our own commnunity, I have created the CrossFit Lake Forest Coach Development Program.

Program Goals

The CrossFit Coach Development Program will educate incoming coaches about our specific program, standards, and community. Additionally, the program aims to enhance individual coaching differences and contributions, while maintaining a level of cohesion.

Adding new people and new points of view is exciting and valuable. At the same time, we value maintaining specific standards and codes of conduct.

Training Program Details

Coaches in Training will learn coaching skills through a shadowing process.

As athletes, you’ll notice that Coach Filip and I might have Coaches in Training shadowing us during class. This means that they are there to observe both the coach, and the class as a whole. They are not expected to interact in any way while shadowing. However, Filip or I might have the individual walk around with us to point out nuances in movement, etc.

Additionally, Coaches in Training will eventually move from shadowing, to coaching part of your class, and then to coaching the entire thing. During this time, Coach Heather or Coach Filip will be present, but will not be the Coach on the floor (in charge).

Coaches in Training will gain knowledge through outside resources. These resources include an extensive reading list, website research, and event attendance requirements. We want them to be integral members of our CrossFit Lake Forest community, but also a part of the larger CrossFit community.

Any feedback you have on our coaches in training is welcome. Please keep in mind that those in the program have shown a dedication to CrossFit and learning, a passion for teaching others, and a love for CrossFit Lake Forest specifically. They want to grow, but they need our help and patience along the way!


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