Everyone Gets a High Five!

As July begins, so does the excitement about the upcoming CrossFit Games. The unique thing about the CrossFit Games is the camaraderie everyday CrossFitters feel with those athletes. They are professional CrossFitters. However, we all CrossFit, and whether we are overhead squatting 325lbs or the barbell alone, we know what it takes to do the movement.

We also know struggle. One CrossFit characteristic that gets repeated throughout the Games is that CrossFit is the only sport where your opponents cheer you on when they are done, and you are still struggling. Whether you are a professional CrossFitter or an everyday CrossFitter, we cheer because we are all part of this larger community of people who have chosen to face challenges daily. Those challenges are not limited to crazy gymnastics movements or really heavy weights.

So here is a big High Five for…

Making Time for You.

I do understand that when you come to class, most of the time you’re coming from an 8+ hour work day dealing with things like work deadlines, co-workers, not to mention the chores waiting at home, pizza the night before, not enough sleep…These are things that wear on us mentally. Various thoughts churn around in our heads, and most of the time we deal with it all alone.

That mental exhaustion makes our days seem challenging enough without the pressure to workout.

That is the beauty of CrossFit and what the Games exemplify. You are not alone.

Supporting your EPC Teammates

Before CrossFit, many of us ran on the treadmill after our 8+ hour workday – alone. Instead, we are now part of a group. That group is both small, starting with the people you WOD with daily, and large, including the CrossFit community across the world.

At Lyft Health & Fitness, you enter the class and your coach is excited to see you face the day’s challenge. Additionally, your teammates, your fellow Lyft athletes, are happy and even relieved you are joining them. We all know the more people in the room, the more energy everyone will have to get through WODs with running and repeating AMRAPs.


As I watched several classes of athletes chip away at “The Chief” last week, I couldn’t wait until the end. You guys looked determined and exhausted. However, that isn’t the reason I wanted the WOD to end.

The end is the moment I survey the wreckage, and walk over to you as you huff and puff trying to catch your breath, extend my hand, which you only notice after a few breaths, often smile, and give me one last burst of energy, and cap the WOD off with an high five or a fist bump (or a hybrid!). It’s my favorite part of each class.

That last burst of energy encapsulates the whole reason you come to class. You don’t come for defeat. You come for perseverance. You collapse spent, but you high five your victory.

Pushing your Limits.

That victory is not just doing OHS and toes-to-bar. The solitary highs and lows of our day melt away when we push our physical and mental limits, together. Everything that seemed insurmountable before the WOD, no longer seems that bad.

Sealing the WOD with a high five makes us part of something larger. There is no greater bond than the one you have with people you push your limits with. We are not alone. We are a team.

High fives all around for coming in, supporting each other, sharing these experiences, and giving each other the energy to get through the daily grind.


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