Live Like a Lion

Why live like a lion? The Lion holds his head up high as the king of the jungle. No one messes with the lion. The Lion does not outwardly doubt his abilities or feel sorry for himself. The Lion does not show weakness, complain, use negative self-talk, or feel sorry for himself. The Lion gets it done or dies trying.
Sometimes, life and workouts can be tough. I hope these 5 things can help change your mentality towards both.


1) Be Fierce

Saying you can’t do something, or that it’s too hard, or that you suck at something, does no good and brings others around you down. Actually saying it out loud makes it become more of a reality. Instead, hold your head high and pump yourself UP.
At the last competition I went to, the final event had muscle ups. I asked the girl next to me if she could do them. She smiled at me and said, “Today I will.” She did not tell me about a shoulder injury, or feel sorry for herself that it’s the one thing she’s inconsistent on. It was the first movement in the final, she was there, and she had the mindset, at least outwardly, that she would get it done. It made me take her seriously as a competitor.

Always start any task by focusing on what you can do. Then, look at what you think seems impossible, and think about it as a challenge. Look those challenges in the face, and take them on! Show yourself what you’ve got. Even if it’s just the guts to try.

2) Be Positive
Lions puff up their chests and carry themselves with a quiet confidence as they move through their day. Complaining that you are tired and sore, and that this workout isn’t your strong point, is not acting like a Lion. Complaining is even worse than negative self-talk. At least talking smack to yourself might get you riled up enough to do something about it, but complaining is 100% useless. Nobody cares that you didn’t get enough sleep, or you don’t like squats, or that you have to go to work.

Life is all about mentality, and sometimes it’s best learned how to become mentally tough by simply smiling in the face of doubt and fatigue.

3) Be Proud
There are days we all perform under our abilities, or perform our best, and still come up short. CrossFit, as well as any challenge we take on in life, makes us face our weaknesses, and do it in front of others. During these times we have an opportunity to pick ourselves off the floor, and feel pride in what we did accomplish, and in knowing what we have yet to tackle and get better at.

Most people stick to what they are good at day in and day out. You challenge yourself everyday you walk through our doors, and that mindset will make you challenge yourself outside our doors too, as long as you always find something to be proud of in everything you do. Maybe you’ll come in last place, but focus on doing the last round faster, or the last two minutes harder, or picking up a more challenging weight, or even finishing with a smile on your face. Finishing under your expectations is not something to be frustrated about. It is an opportunity to be an example to others on how to show strength and pride in everything you do.

4) Find Your Purpose
The Lion knows his purpose is to establish dominance and hunt for his family for survival. The Lion does not walk around aimlessly hoping to catch a break. Finding your purpose for doing something will give you endless motivation and energy. Ask yourself, why do you go to work everyday? Really think about it, and I bet it will change your thinking. Why do you workout? If you haven’t answered this question already, you are missing out on extra energy and motivation. Find your purpose in everything you do and it will give you a more clear, narrowed focus, and a plan of attack. This will lead to better results.

Love your life or change it! It’s that simple. You have the power to change and accomplish anything. Without purpose this is a hard concept to understand. The Lion struts around with purpose and so should you.

5) Carry Yourself Like a Lion
Use your mane, beard, or plain old roar to channel your inner lion!

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