So…What’s the deal with this Interval Training stuff??

“Interval Training”, “HIIT”, “High Intensity Cardio Strength”…you’ve probably heard these new buzzwords floating around the fitness world, but what exactly do they stand for and really, should you bother with them?

The short answer is “YES”. YES YES YES YES YES!! But only if you want to improve your overall fitness level, increase your cardiovascular conditioning, boost your metabolism, jump-start your fat-burning, and transform your body all in less time. Sound good? Read on!

Did you read “in less time”?? How is all that possible? Don’t you have to spend an hour on cardio, an hour on strength, an hour on balance/flexibility, etc.? NO! Interval training combines the best of all these worlds into short but intense bursts of activity that use multiple muscle groups to create an extremely efficient workout. The research done in the past five years has proven that short bouts of exercise do in fact contribute to fitness improvements and weight loss better than longer duration “steady state” training. WHY?

The very words “steady state” say it all: your body adapts to the steady intensity you’ve provided and tries to conserve energy (calories). Does that mean that steady pace jogs or walks or swims aren’t beneficial? Of course not. Aside from the mental benefits (don’t we all feel more clear headed after a good run or walk?), working comfortably and steadily with your heart rate in your aerobic zone helps maintain a baseline of aerobic fitness and benefits your heart and lungs. But steady state training should be one portion of your overall fitness routine, not the main course.

If you want to see improvements in fitness and weight loss, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a must. By using major muscle groups, compound movements, and an intense pace, you effectively push the body into a “state of disruption” for a short time so that not only does your body work hard during the exercises, but also continues to work afterwards. Afterwards, the body uses calories (energy) to repair itself and “get back to normal”. Think of it this way: running uphill is HARD. But have you ever noticed how it’s often harder to run DOWNhill, when you have to put on the brakes and control yourself? That’s exactly what your body does after a HIIT session. Your metabolism remains elevated for hours after you’ve completed the workout, mostly burning your fat calories and using energy to consume the excess oxygen you’ve created.

So if High Intensity Intervals are so good, why not do those for longer? Because if you are executing them properly, you can’t maintain that pace for a long time. You are tapping into all the energy your muscles have and are going full-throttle, thus condensing your workout into anywhere from 1/5 to ½ of the time you might otherwise have needed to burn the same amount of calories, with even more benefits. You keep your body guessing so it doesn’t have time or opportunity to adapt to what you are asking of it.

LYFT is proud to announce new Interval Training classes designed specifically to give you a full body workout, using muscles in new ways, and in new combinations, often with body-weight resistance or light resistance, different from CrossFit training. Our classes are designed to produce a high calorie burn and extremely efficient workout that is the perfect addition to your existing fitness program. Our 30 Minute QuickFit class is just the answer when you are short on time (and aren’t we all, because life never seems to slow down, right?) but still want to squeeze in a quality workout. And if you have a little more time, our Fit 60 Minute class will push you to that high intensity cardio level while also providing full body interval RESISTANCE training that improves your strength and further taps into your fat-burning capability!

If you’ve reached a “fitness plateau”, have gotten bored with your regimen, have new fitness or weight loss goals, or are simply curious, come see what the buzz is about! Join us:

Monday & Tuesday : 9:45am Fit 60min with Diane; 11:00 QuickFit 30 min with Diane

Thursday: 9:45 Fit 60 min with Tracy; 11:00 QuickFit 30 min with Tracy

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