STRESS is GOOD!! What?!?

Stress is good!! What?!?

How many times a day do you or someone around you muter the words, “I’m SO stressed!!” We live in a world that spends a tremendous amount of time talking about being stressed, trying to manage stress or figure out how eliminate stress completely from our lives.

Well, I’m here to tell you… there is no such thing as a stress free life!! Not going to happen. Ever!! Unless you are living on a tropical island, are fabulously wealthy and are being waited on hand and foot, you have stress in your life. We have jobs to do, people to deal with, families to take care of – these things are stressful!!

The good news is that we can manage it. We can manage it if we create the right mindset around it (Embrace you stress!) and we can manage it by scheduling it so it doesn’t steamroll us (You are in charge of your day!).

Embrace stress?? What?? Think about an elite athlete. They are constantly putting themselves into high stress situations in order to get better at what they do. Short, intense bursts of stress can make us better at what we do.

If you embrace being uncomfortable for a short amount of time, you can harness that stress to propel you forward. So the next time you are stressed about an important meeting or a deadline for a project, embrace the stress to create success. In short, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You can schedule your stress. Yes, that’s right, you are in control. Look at your day. Who set your schedule? You did. So when you are scheduling out your day, don’t put stressful things back to back!

If you think of stress as a mountain peak and non-stress as a valley, you want your day to be filled with lots of peaks and valleys. Don’t go jumping from one peak to the other. Let’s say you have an important proposal to get together. When you finish it or after a set amount of time working on it, give your self a release and go for a walk. Peaks and valleys, my friend, peaks and valleys.

Don’t you already feel less stressed?? You CAN manage this and stop chasing the idea of living stress free.

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