About Cross Fit Lake Forest

At CrossFit Lake Forest, our mission is to cultivate a community of athletes striving to be the best they can be and ultimately living life to the fullest. We commit to our health, our training, our coaches and each other.

Our brand new 8,300 sq ft. "playground" is conveniently located at 960 North Shore Drive, Lake Bluff. Here you will find everything and more to get into the best shape of your life. Our equipment ranges from the basics of barbells and kettlebells all the way to the more interesting of pegboards, monkey bars and indoor turf!

Whether you’re new to fitness or an accomplished athlete, our coaches are highly trained and certified to help you set goals, teach proper form to prevent injury, and design training programs that include basic barbell exercises, olympic lifts, kettlebells, gymnastics, running, rowing, and bodyweight movements.

Here, you’ll never feel lost, alone or confused about what exercises to do or how to do them. That’s because your CrossFit Lake Forest membership includes a lot more than just a room full of equipment. Whether you’re looking for group classes or 1:1 coaching, we’ll take care of everything—just show up with a positive attitude and let the transformation begin!

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