Meet February Athlete of the Month - Dr. David Fishman!

Meet February Athlete of the Month - Dr. David Fishman!

Meet our February Athlete of the Month, Dr. David Fishman!!  At 72 years old, many people would be thinking about curling up with a good book on a white sandy beach, but not Dr. David! He's a cardiologist who works seven days a week and when he's not at work, he gets 2-3 CrossFit workouts in a week, cheers on the best team in the world (Go Cubs Go!), goes to Pearl Jam and Springsteen concerts or travels with his lovely wife, Marie. 

Dr. David blows all the excuses we hear about people not having enough time to commit to their fitness out of the water and exemplifies what hard work and commitment look like. He has touched the hearts of all that work with him and continually inspires us to keep working hard. For these reasons and many more, Dr. David Fishman is our February athlete of the month. To learn more about Dr. Fishman, read on!

Your story - Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job,school, etc)? Past athletic history.

I am a 72 year old practicing cardiologist with no plans to retire.  I have modest athletic skills but have always enjoyed sports, especially baseball.  Thirty-four years ago I began annual participation in Randy Hundley's Baseball Fantasy Camp and that has become the focus of my personal sports and fitness activity.   Preparation for the camp takes months just to maintain my average performance.  I fit this activity into my crowded schedule trying to improve annually on the preceding years results.  As a lifelong Cub fan, I have had many personal "wait 'til next years" regarding the camp and my favorite team.  I have traditionally started my preparation in  October (camp is the last week in January), but as I got older it became clear that year round fitness was necessary to participate fully and reduce risks of injury and try to improve.

Why CrossFit?? How did you find us? 

My wife found CrossFit and she correctly concluded that participation in the programs at CFLF would perfectly fit my goals.

What do you love about CrossFit Lake Forest?

I have found that CrossFit, with the coaching guidance from Andi and Marty, has provided me with the best fitness preparation for my daily professional activities and most importantly for baseball camp.  My physical capacity has improved allowing me  to increase my work capacity and more importantly, my bat speed and throwing velocity.

Favorite workout? Least favorite?

My favorite workout is the one I've just completed and my least favorite is the session that I missed.

Goals or things your working on.

My short term goals are to maintain my health and fitness  to enable me to continue working and playing baseball.  My long term goal is to participate and win the 100 yard dash for men over age 100.  This event is held every four years as an "olympic" event in honor of the physician (Roger Bannister)  who ran the first sub-four minute mile.  My training for this event is in it's early stage.

One piece of advice about CrossFit, life, anything!! 

The most important advice I can give anyone is to pay excruciating attention to the most important numbers in life.  Not age, but blood pressure, good and bad cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1C, weight (percentage of muscle and fat) and walk a minimum of 10,000 steps daily.  Paying attention to these numbers will cut down on my patient load and give me more time to workout.

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