Resolution Fail! (And How to Avoid It!)

Resolution Fail! (And How to Avoid It!)

Did you know that over 40% of Americans set a New Year's Resolution each year and over 60% of those resolutions have to do with health and fitness. However, only 8.2% of people actually achieve those goals!! Major FAIL!!!

In a recent presentation to over 70 women at the Beauty, Brains and Brawn Event, Coach Andi explained why so many of us fail at the goals we set and how we can change that so this can be the year to achieve those resolutions!! 


"The reason resolutions don’t work is that people are setting them using the factual and analytical part of their brain and not tapping into the true decision making part of our brain which is where our feelings are.  

I can list off all of the reasons you should exercise - it’s good for your heart, helps you live longer, keeps your weight in check - but for most of us facts are just not compelling enough to drive change.  

I know a lady who started to exercise because she couldn't teach her son to ride a bike.  She was so out of shape and overweight that she wasn’t able to run the 50 yards necessary and had to call her sister to come over help.    

She felt so humiliated and said the disappointed look on her son’s face was so upsetting to her, that she decided right then and there she needed to make a change.  She lost over 100 pounds and is very active now.  

Feelings spur change. 

So let’s get real here. When you set a goal, you need to really be honest with yourself and figure out why that goal is important to you.   

The desire to change or the pain that you feel, must be greater than the desire to stay the same!  

Have any of you ever had a trainer sit down with you and ask you not just what your goal is, but WHY it is important to you??  

At our gym, that’s the first thing we do during our initial consultation is ask you what your goal is, why it’s important and then we have you rate it on a scale of 1-10.  

(And here’s a little secret, if you don’t answer with an 8 or above, we politely talk you out of joining our gym at that moment.  Your why needs to be that important or you won’t change. We care so deeply about people achieving their goals, that we require that you care just as much as we do. 

So we have identified what we want to change and why it is important.  But there is one more major obstacle we need to talk about.

Once you know your why, we need to figure out  how to make this change happen.   

How do we do this?!! Where are we going to find this extra time to work on ourselves when we already have so many other things to do 

So let’s forget about wonder woman and instead think of a plane crashing!

You must secure your own oxygen mask before any one else’s.  It’s true - you really need to make sure you are working on yourself or you will end up feeling empty, angry, lonely, upset…all bad things.  

The only way to reach a goal is to have a plan.  This is the “How”.  You have to pull out your calendar and schedule yourself in.  Make an appointment with yourself focused on whatever your goal is.  

If you had a doctor’s appointment, you would make sure you got to that appointment, right?  Well, you need to treat your own self care with the same respect.  

You want to get in shape, then plan out when you are going to workout and make a date with yourself.  

I get it.  I run my own business, work seven days a week, have 2 kids, a new husband, 4 step kids, 3 dogs and I know this much about myself - even though I am at a gym all day, if I don’t schedule my workout in, it doesn’t happen.

Why is what we believe. We must create clarity on this before anything else.  Identify what you need help with and call yourself out.

How are you going to achieve your goal?  You are going to prioritize your life and make a plan.

What is the action part of the plan.  And this is where we can help! 

If improving your health and fitness is your goal this year, then we can help. We have many options for people of all fitness levels and a staff of amazing coaches that are here to help you reach your goals.  

We offer small group training - which is classes of 6-8 people working on cardio and light weights in our private training studio.  

We also have CrossFit which is a one hour class that combines strength training and high intensity cardio workouts done in a group setting.   

If weight loss is what your after, we have North Shore Results Weight Loss Clinic that uses the ITG medically supervised diet to help people lose weight quickly.  

Women typically lose 2-4 pounds in a week and men lose 5-7, however, I just had a lady lose 11 pounds of fat in one week!! 

We also have a body composition machine that will tell you exactly what’s going on inside of you and a doctor on staff to guide your weight loss journey.  

Whatever your goal is I encourage you to commit to it for the next 90 days.  

Remember - Figure out your why, plan for the how an take action!  This can be your year to successfully achieve your goals!!

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