Going the Extra Mile - Jay Miles, New Co-Owner

Going the Extra Mile - Jay Miles, New Co-Owner

Hey Everyone,

I am very excited to join the CrossFit Lake Forest family as a co-owner.  Why am I joining?  Several reasons:

I love CrossFit.  I came from a sports and fitness background and found myself spending way too much time in the gym wondering why I’m working out.  When I came across CrossFit in 2007, it instantly clicked.  My workouts had more purpose and I became healthier overall (cardio was not my friend….).  CrossFit exposed my fitness weaknesses and gave me very tangible goals to accomplish.

I love the Community.  At CrossFit Lake Forest, we have a great community of people.  I love seeing you all encourage each other during WODs. It has been neat to see many of you rally around the OPEN and cheer for each other.  That is hard to duplicate.  What we have here is special.  I appreciate that you have welcomed me into the fold.

I love being part of growth.  Among my goals for CFLF are to grow our membership.  We have a great thing going on.  Let’s bring others to the party!  If you haven’t noticed, our classes are growing!  Another goal of mine is to grow our programs.  We’ve added CF Kids, CF Teens, and Barbell Club.  It’s been awesome to see these programs take off.  I will also continue to build out the box to give you all a great place to WOD.

Thanks for a great experience for my family and I, and I’m excited for the direction we are headed.

~Coach Jay

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