What the Open Means to US!

What the Open Means to US!

We conquered the Open! I say "We" because it truly was a community event. Many people competed in the Open this year and our box had many athletes rank extremely high, both in our region and worldwide. 

However, the most impressive part of this global competition was that our whole community of athletes pulled together to cheer for each other and support one another as we pushed ourselves to be better than we were yesterday and that's really what it's all about.

The Open is a unique opportunity to see where our strengths and weaknesses are as athletes and as a box. Sometimes we got discouraged or frustrated, but many times we surprised ourselves by pushing beyond our perceived limits. Hopefully, the Open was a motivating experience that encourages you to reevaluate your fitness goals and get to work.  It was incredible to watch and also get feedback from athletes on their experience.  Here is what one of our athletes, Mary Ann Barry, had to say:

"When asked to comment on what the CrossFit Open has meant to me as an athlete, I stop and pause, because I can’t picture myself as an athlete. The label is so foreign to me. Growing up, physical activities and sports were not an option. I could dance or take a tumbling class at the park district. That was about it. I never experienced “competition” until I walked into a CrossFit gym four years ago.

The daily WODs certainly provide enough for my competitive bone. But, when the “Open” comes around, visions of myself upon a pedestal take over my dreams. Four weeks of pure determination to post RX scores or obtain new skills that were out of grasp up to that point. Nothing compares to the excitement of Dave Castro’s Thursday night announcements, strategizing with other athletes as how best to conquer the WODs, and simply supporting everyone that dares to accept the challenges and spirit of the games. For four weeks we were Team CrossFit Lake Forest!

We were there for each other. As cheerleaders, as judges, as motivators and supporters. All members of the same CrossFit Family. We celebrated and rejoiced in the accomplishments of each individual athlete while reaping the rewards of a stronger community bonded by pure adrenaline. And in the end, realizing that only by our collective efforts and achievements, that we all earned a place on the podium." 

 Well said, Mary Ann!  Friday Night Lights was truly the highlight of the Open for many of us and if you are like me, you are missing it already.  I don't think any of us are ready to do those killer workouts again anytime soon, but we are all savoring the after glow of PR's and the incredible achievements of our community that make all of us better people.  Team CrossFit Lake Forest will continue to thrive!

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