October Athlete of the Month - Dan McGrath

October Athlete of the Month - Dan McGrath

Dan "The Danimal" McGrath

Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job,school, etc)? Past athletic history.

Dan McGrath, I've worked for the same medical device company for 17 years.  Outside of CrossFit, I keep busy chasing my 2 kids around.  Both (13 and 11 yrs old) are very active in sports.  As part of my involvement, I'm the commissioner of the baseball/softball youth league, and a board member of my sons youth football league and coach.  I played college football, and had a cup of coffee in the NFL and CFL.  I've also spent 2 years doing Triathlons, including a 1/2 iron man, and also completed the Chicago Marathon.  

Why CrossFit?? How did you find CrossFit Lake Forest?

Never even thought about Cross Fit until I met Jay Miles.  So glad I decided to try it.  However, I often find myself hating Jay and his workouts most days (ha ha)!

What do you love about CrossFit Lake Forest?

Outside of the challenging workouts, I really enjoy the people the most.  Love the encouragement and positivity by all, but mostly the awesome coaches.

Favorite workout? Least favorite?

My most favorite workout is anything involving power cleans or shoulder presses. Least favorite workout, would be OHS, or anything involving pull ups.  

Goals or things your working on.

I'm working on.....darn near everything!  Pull ups are my nemesis and need to improve on rope climbs.  

One piece of advice about CrossFit, life, anything!!

My advice would be to accept the challenge, get better everyday, and to embrace the suck!

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