Why our Community Rocks!

Can you believe Oct 1st marked our one year anniversary at our new location?  It is truly crazy how time flies, especially when you are surrounded with such an amazing community!  Milestones are great times to celebrate and also reflect.  Reflecting back on this year, it's hard not to think about what makes CrossFit Lake Forest special and that is truly the people.  I know all of our athletes would agree but it's the community that truly keeps us going, not how many PR's we get or how much more "fit" we get.  Yes, those are pretty important to us too, but it's not what keeps us showing up day after day, to the same place.  It's the people!

I've been a part of the CFLF Community now for 2 1/2 years and CFLF is really my second family.  Especially not having any extended family here locally, it's really nice to go somewhere, or belong to something where you know your peers and everyone knows your name.  It's kind of my definition of Cheers minus the booze (and drama)!  It's like no other "gym" experience, I've had before.  And to be honest, i'm not one to join "groups or clubs" and hearing that a gym could be like a family would make me very cynical.  

So who is the CFLF Community?  It's a community of moms, dads, professionals, stay at home moms, first responders, students, the young, and the old(er), the super fit and the "just trying to keep moving".  All different sizes, shapes, goals, and backgrounds and somehow we all fit perfectly into this one place!  It works regardless of our diverse backgrounds and ages because we are full of like-minded people who think it's acceptable to give an all-out effort and train as hard as you want.  You can grunt, sweat as much as you want, roll around on the floor gasping for air and even dance the worm, all in a judge free zone. 

Truly why it rocks... Because it's a special environment filled with incredible people who believe in you probably more than you believe in yourself!


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