Are you Recovering Smart?

Hey Everyone,

How you feeling?  I hope you are finding the programming to be challenging and you are making GAINS in your workouts and benchmarks.  Above all, I hope you are taking care of yourself and not overtraining!  Remember, we are in this for the long haul.  Be smart….

There are 3 major areas that can greatly influence our ability to recover and make gains:  Exercise, Sleep, and Diet.  

When we look into these 3 areas, we can usually identify one of the 3 that is weak.  (I don’t sleep much….).


You are all doing a great job at exercise…..A couple things to keep in mind:

BE CONSISTENT!  3 days on/1 day off.  I know we all have jobs and life, so this sometimes isn’t ideal, but be as consistent as you can be.  Otherwise you won’t experience improvements, you’ll get discouraged, and, oh yeah…, you’ll be REAL sore..

SCALE!  Be smart in your scaling.  If you cannot move safely and efficiently with the Rx weight, please lighten the load.  Leave your ego at the door.  No one cares how much you lift…Injuries will only set you back.

TRACK RESULTS!  We pay for SugarWOD so you can track results.  You need to see improvements and have data to work off of.  If you got a bad score or had to scale lower than others, so what?  Again, leave your ego at the door…

ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER!  We have a strong community.  Cheer for each other.  Give fistbumps in SugarWOD.  Whatever it is, lift each other up and celebrate accomplishments.  We’re in this together!

REST!  Be smart about rest days.  Do a recovery row.  Use ROMWOD.  Take a yoga class.  


Definitely my biggest nemesis.  Being a night owl and coaching the 5:30 am is often challenging.  During sleep is when we recover and gain muscle.  In men, this is when our HGH and Testosterone levels peak.  Be good about getting enough sleep.  You’ll not only heal better, you’ll be less likely to run down your immune system and get sick.


I’m not a dietitian.  I’m not going to tell you how to eat.  We all have different ways to eat healthy, whether its eating “clean”, Paleo, Zone, All bacon…, etc.  Be sure you’re eating enough protein and the right amount of good carbs so you can recover properly, and limiting sugar.  

Along with diet, I want to revisit supplementation.  The combo of the weather changing and challenging CrossFit workouts depletes us of certain vitamins and minerals.  As I’ve said before, We carry some great supplements that can help you to heal faster, not be as sore, gain some muscle, lose some fat, and help you sleep better.  Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

UR Recover: Recover is a unique all-natural product that supports muscle recovery and supplementary protein needs for athletes.  Contains Pure Certified Grass-Fed, non-GMO, hormone-free whey protein.  It also contains BCAAs and Glutamine from plant-based sources.  It helps with faster recovery, muscle repair, It also helps restore blood glucose and glucose and glycogen levels after tough workouts by adding 8 grams of carbs from Organic Coconut Sugar.  Oh, it tastes very good too…..

UR Restore:  Casein Protein.  this is a long-lasting protein that works well, especially for hard gainers.  Meant to be taken prior to bedtime.

Puori M3:  Magnesium Plus.   Contains Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin B6.  Great to take before bedtime to aid in a good night’s sleep and healing.  Magnesium is an important mineral that helps muscles to contract and function properly. Yet studies show that 48% of the population gets less than they need. Each dose of Puori M3  contains the same magnesium as 380g of spinach or 111g of almonds. Are you eating that many nuts or greens every day?

Puori O3:  Fish Oil.   Ironically,  Fish Oil is the only supplement that CrossFit supports.  Fish Oil aids in fat loss, Joint support, and is a great energy source.    Puori O3 is a great product!

Puori D3: 
 Vitamin D.  Our immune system, muscles and bones need vitamin D to function normally. Yet deficiencies of vitamin D are common because many people don’t get enough exposure to sunlight or food containing vitamin D. The good news is that Puori D3  is formulated to compensate for this deficiency. It helps your body to absorb calcium and maintain normal bones.


That is all!  Let’s have a great November!

Coach Jay



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