New Year, New Beginnings!

Hey everyone! 

Hope you had a fun holiday with friends and family.  It’s great to see you all back in the box after the holidays, mostly complaining about eating and drinking too much and being couch sloths.  But it’s a New Year, and with that a refocus on your fitness goals.

First off, thanks to Andi for her years of devotion to building CrossFit Lake Forest.  We appreciate all that you have done here, and we wish you the best on your new endeavor!
The coaches, Marty, and I will continue to provide you all with the best we can to achieve your fitness goals.  Thanks to all of you that have already filled out your goals sheet that Candace sent out.  IF you have not yet, please fill it out asap.  Only takes 5 minutes of your time.  This will help our coaches as they work alongside you and celebrate your accomplishments.
Believe it or not, the CrossFit Open is not far away!  As a result, you’ll see a bit of a shift in programming.  We will still work on strength, but anticipate high reps, low weight, and a focus on power and efficiency in the WODs.  You might be saying to yourself “I have no interest in competing in the CrossFit Games!”  I get that.  However, the Open is a time for us not just to workout hard, but to celebrate the gains in strength and overall fitness that we have achieved in this past year.  So PLEASE join us and sign up when The Open comes around.  We will do a similar “Friday Night Lights” format as we did last year, as well as some in-house competitions and prizes.  Join the party!
We are very excited for 2018 and are thankful for each and every one of you.  We expect great things along the way and are grateful to work alongside you and help to achieve your fitness goals.
Nice Hustle,

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