The Open is Over... Now What?

CrossFit Open 2018:  Sooooo, How did the 2018 Open go for you?  It was awesome to see so many of you do the WODs every week.  There were some outstanding performances, and it’s time to recognize you all!  PLEASE join us this Friday night for our final Friday Night Lights Workout to celebrate the 2018 CrossFit Open.  Doors open at 4:30, WOD kicks off at 5 followed by awards and some frosty libations…. We will see you there!


Programming:  Now that the Open is over, we will focus our efforts on building strength and power.  We are embarking on a 3-month cycle with the intention of getting stronger and more explosive.  Obviously with the change in weather we will still have some endurance WODs mixed in, but the focus will be on ramping up the horsepower.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind:
Nutrition:  Expect to be HUNGRY!!! make sure you’re “eating to perform”.  We will hit the legs very hard the next few months.  This is your biggest muscle group in the body and needs more fuel than the rest of your muscles.  Be smart, have protein shakes handy, make good choices with your macros and “cheats”.
Sleep!  You will need recovery time.  Get your butts in bed.  I also recommend some Magnesium-type supplement before bed.  This will help you sleep more soundly and recover better while you’re sleeping.
Extra Work!  You’ll begin to see some “extra work” on the board.  If you desire to feed your face with a little more fitness, this is for you.  The intention is to give you some extra work without having you double up on things and overtrain.  IF you are going to do the extra work, PLEASE check in with the coach to make sure you can be setup in the right spot if it’s during the next class.  Enjoy!
Testing Maxes:  We will occasionally test 1 Rep Maxes on some lifts, but you’ll also notice me using 3-rep maxes and doing an equation (3RM x 1.07 = Estimated 1RM).  The main reason I do this is to help prevent injury.  There’s also a psychological issue when people are dealing with 1 Rep Maxes.  We have a tendency to psych ourselves out, even though we’re plenty strong enough.  I’m fine with folks doing 1 rep maxes, just be smart about it.  We want to get strong without any setbacks.

Recovery!  We will NOT be programming recovery/easy days.  Be smart.  3 days on/1 day off/etc.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not fond of programming recovery days EXCEPT for special circumstances (i.e. the CF Open).  We all have different things going on outside of this gym that dictate what days we can workout.  PROGRAM active recovery.  Take a yoga class.  Do a recovery row/bike.  Do mobility.  Do whatever, just don’t lay on the couch….


SugarWOD:  Please check SugarWOD on a daily basis.  I know several of you don’t use social media and often miss announcements.  We are beginning to use SugarWOD for any announcements we wanna get to you.  Also, post your scores, track results, and fist bump your WOD friends.  It’s a great way to encourage and help each other out.

We as a coaching staff are excited to see you all crush your goals these next few months.  PLEASE let any of us coaches know how we can help.


Nice Hustle!


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