Meet our August Power Couple - Alyson & JoseĀ“

Meet our August Power Couple - Alyson & Jose´

Your story. Who are you? 
Alyson--wife to the man who doesn't smile
Jose--the invisible man 

What do you do when you are not here (job,school, etc)? 
A: I have been an ICU nurse for almost 20 years. Don't ask me how I've been able to work night shift for that long. I used to train for Oly lifting, but that took a back seat when I returned to school to become a Nurse Practitioner. It is difficult to juggle working full time with school AND working out. Crossfitting helps to decrease my anxiety so I make sure I show up as much as possible. 
J: I buy and sell illegal narcotics but get paid by the government. 
In our down time, we volunteer as foster parents for dogs who need forever homes. Mary and Ted have adopted sweet little Millie from us!!

Past athletic history?
A: Jill of all trades, master of none. Soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, gymnastics. I also love to ski (water & snow), paddle board, and ride my bike.
J: Boxing, baseball, basketball, football, triathlons, marathons, jumping out of planes, repelling off of helicopters. Nothing like that now though. I've got the physique of Will Ferrell and the stamina of a sloth. In all honesty, it prevents me from going to the Games every year. 

Why CrossFit?? How did you find CrossFit Lake Forest?
A: We started Crossfit when we began dating back in 2009. One of Jose's friends had quit his job to open a gym; it was the only one in Lake County at the time. We used to drive an hour ONE WAY to workout there. Until then, I had never belonged to a gym and Crossfit was the only thing that wasn't boring to me. Eventually, more gyms opened up and we switched to one closer to home. That's where we met Jay, Erica, Anne K., Marty, and Andi. Because we have been doing it so long, we are selective with our gym. Even though there are gyms closer to our house, we switched to CFLF when the new location opened because we knew the programming would push us. 
J: With my professional background, I've grown accustomed to regimented time organization. I like Crossfit because of the structure. Most of the time we work opposite shifts so Crossfit is our equivalent to quality time together. I am proud to work out with my wife, even though she's much gooder than me. She is my swolemate. 


What do you love about CrossFit Lake Forest?

A: The relaxed atmosphere. A lot of gyms are cut throat competitive and I don't care for that. Some days I like to push hard and other days I just need to move. Either way, I'm never judged by anyone for doing what's best for me. 

J: I like Jay. 

Favorite workout?
A: I have plenty of favorites. LONG CHIPPERS, especially if they involve barbell movements. Examples--> 12 days of Xmas, Lift up Luke, Lumberjack 20, The Seven (which truly makes me cry), and Murph. I hate quick ones, but Annie has always been my jam.
J: Any hero WOD. I prefer to suffer for their sacrifice. 

Least favorite?
A: Kalsu (100 thrusters, 5 burpees at the top of each minute) or Fight Gone Bad (3 RFT--> 1min WB, 1min SDHP, 1min BJ, 1min push press, 1min cal row, 1 min rest)
J: Kelly (5RFT--> 400m run / 30 Box Jumps / 30 WB)

Favorite movement?
A: Snatch (Barbell ONLY!!! Dumbbell snatch is just that......DUMB)
J: Clean or anything upper body

Least favorite movement? 
A: WB and DL
J: WB and box jumps

Goals or things your working on?
A: I'm not actively working on anything, but I'd eventually like to be able to do every movement in Crossfit. All I have left is strict HSPU and Ring MU. 
J: Show up every day

One piece of advice about CrossFit, life, anything!!
A: Show up, work hard, and find a way push through your limitations. 
J: All great things start out a little scary. 

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