Meet our December Athlete of the Month - Mary Ann Barry

Meet our December Athlete of the Month - Mary Ann Barry

Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job,school, etc)? 


When I am not at the gym I am managing a CPA firm in Lake Forest, preparing taxes, and responsible for several rental properties in Illinois and Colorado. I am very involved in a couple non-for-profits that provide jobs for those with special needs. I am on the Board of Directors and the Treasurer of Best Futures, Inc. Best Futures, Inc. provides jobs to 25 individuals with Developmental Disabilities at the Centennial Ice Rink Snack Shop in Highland Park. I also created Eggceptional Abilities, a micro-business, that provides meaningful tasks for several young men on the ASD Spectrum by raising egg laying hens and selling their eggs locally. I am a grandmother to (2) grandsons. My daughter recently told me that she over heard them talking about me and that they can’t believe they have a grandma that does CrossFit and stuff. It makes all the hard work worth the effort when I know they will remember me in that way.


Past athletic history?


As you may have guessed, I wasn’t involved in any type of organized sports growing up. During the 1970s and attending an all-girls catholic school – we didn’t have many athletic opportunities available to us.


Why CrossFit?? How did you find CrossFit Lake Forest?


I was invited to observe a CrossFit class about 5/6 years ago. This individual thought I might like it. I watched people flip tires and do all sorts of stuff that looked so fun. Unfortunately, that particular box was not very welcoming and I thought they were the only CrossFit gym in existence. I tried going back again and still felt “out of place.” A year or so later I saw a poster at the car wash advertising CrossFit Lake Forest was opening. I was hoping that this “second CrossFit location” would have different owners. After attending one trial class – I asked where I could sign up! And I learned that there were many CrossFit gyms, and CrossFit games, and CrossFit clothes & shoes. And I was hooked.


What do you love about CrossFit Lake Forest?


Obviously, the other CFLF athletes that continue to inspire me. The incredible coaching staff that helps me even when “off duty.” After six years – I still look forward to going to the gym at the end of the day.


Favorite workout? Least favorite?


My favorite workout is a 10 minute EMOM of a barbell lift of any sort. I really love performing the movement as a group, starting and ending the lift about the same time as the rest of the athletes.


My least favorite workouts are ones that really challenge my form. Deadlifts and OHS are extremely frustrating since my form breaks quickly and I haven’t made progress in adding weight while keeping proper form. I suppose these movements should appear on my goal list!


Goals or things your working on?


You might have seen me staying after class to do “extra” work. I am trying to get stronger overall. It has been difficult -  but I feel the extra work has had a positive impact on my performance. I’ve had a couple PRs in the last few weeks. The goal on the wall is to do the CrossFit Open at Master’s RX (with good form).


One piece of advice about CrossFit, life, anything!!


For meI like (need) to make goals, sign up for spartan or mudder race,  commit to several days of CrossFit, take a lifting class, anything to keep me moving forward and to keep me on track!

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