Meet our February Athlete of the Month - Jessica Ostrom

Meet our February Athlete of the Month - Jessica Ostrom

Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job,school, etc)? 

I am a historian of Anglo-Saxon Britain and the Vikings, but am currently a teacher. I teach History,
Latin, German, and Archaeology. I don’t do much since I am at heart a lazy sloth; so I am either at
work, the gym, or at home.

Past athletic history?

I was a competitive swimmer in high school and college. I focused mostly on freestyle and backstroke.
My event was the 200 Free.

Why CrossFit?? How did you find CrossFit Lake Forest?
I was bored at the gym. I’ve been a gym addict since I was injured out of swimming. I would spend 3
hours at the gym getting everything in that I wanted to do, but I struggled to find real fun in what I was
doing. I was at a gym that had a “baby” CrossFit class, which introduced people to the movements and
the workout style. I tried it out and loved it. The coach got me to go to a real CrossFit gym and I have
been hooked ever since.
I found CFLF after I moved back to the area. It was luck of the draw, really.

What do you love about CrossFit Lake Forest?
I love the family atmosphere and the close knit community. I also like that there is no judgment about
how much or how little someone is able to life. It makes going to the gym such a pleasant experience.
Favorite workout? Least favorite?
I loathe burpees. If there is a way to opt out of them, I will do it. I hate to admit this, but I kinda love the
Murph. It is a beast, but I find a real sense of accomplishment at the end of it.

Goals or things your working on?
My primary goal is to do unassisted pull-ups. This goal has proven to be quite elusive for me, but I
hope to do it one day.

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