Meet our March Athlete of the Month - Charlotte Van Schooten

Meet our March Athlete of the Month - Charlotte Van Schooten


Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job, school, etc)? 


I grew up in Sunnyvale, CA but moved to North Chicago after being accepted into Chicago Medical School in 2017. I've lived here for about 1.5 years and have been with CrossFit LF for about 6 months and loving it!

Why CrossFit & what do you love about CFLF?

I originally started CrossFit last year when I was in Cleveland for research and wanted a new way to challenge myself physically. I found CrossFit to be a good stress relief and enjoyed meeting new people with a similar passion for physical health. I love CrossFit LF because of the amazing coaches who really push me to reach new fitness goals and help build my self-confidence. It's also simply refreshing to not be surrounded by med students. When I'm not at CrossFit I am literally either 1) studying at home or 2) studying in the basement of the library BUT I will occasionally go out downtown and meet up with friends!  

Also - I'm really grateful for Sarah and Rachelle in helping me reach a new squat clean PR of #125!!! They're usually the two coaches I have throughout the week and I'm so appreciative of their support and guidance so I would love to be able to give them a shoutout!

Past athletic history?

Before CrossFit I lifted for a few years and prior to that played competitive soccer in California.

Favorite workout? Least favorite?

I have no clue what my favorite workout is but I can definitely tell you my least favorite workout - the 100 thruster workout.

Goals or things your working on?

My goal is to get one hanging pull up, which Rachelle is helping me with! I'm also training to cycle in Europe over the summer, I'll be going on a 2 week trip with my dad biking across France and Switzerland in June.

One piece of advice about CrossFit, life, anything!

Gosh I'm so young I'm not sure if I have enough life experience to give legitimate advice - haha! But whenever someone gets a little egotistical me, I remind myself of the quote: "Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity" and I feel better (it's kept me from losing my shit over the last couple of years). 





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