Meet our June Athlete of the Month - Jim Bennett

Meet our June Athlete of the Month - Jim Bennett

Your story. Who are you? What do you do when you are not here (job, school, etc)? 

When I’m not at CrossFit I’m busy managing my transportation companies of taxicabs, delivery vehicles and dispatch management services throughout the Chicagoland area.

After work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter. In the summer I like to spend time on Lake Michigan boating, playing tennis and golfing.  In the winter time you will find me playing paddle tennis with my team.

Past athletic history?

My past athletic history was playing 4 years of college football.

Why CrossFit? How did you find CrossFit Lake Forest?

Why CrossFit?  Two of my good friends Tom Condon and Mike Garner, shared with me their positive results from the CrossFit program.   I’ll be honest; the workout stories (WOD) scared the hell out of me. I have now come to enjoy the WOD’s (enjoying it one hour after it’s done), especially since I’m feeling healthier and stronger because of it.

What do you love about CrossFit Lake Forest?

What I love about CrossFit is the camaraderie.  The camaraderie keeps me coming back to the 5:30 am class.  The other members and coaches keep me inspired and motivated.

Favorite workout? Least favorite?

My Favorite workout is the last few reps of any WOD.  The least favorite workout is handstand pushups or my attempt to do one.

Goals or things you're working on?

I have already lost 20 lbs with CrossFit in 6 months, so my goal would be to continue the additional weight loss.

One piece of advice about CrossFit, life, anything!

I’ll restate advice I was given from a CrossFit friend.  There is no finish line when getting physically fit and staying in shape.  Just keep pushing forward everyday with people you enjoy working out with.

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